Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the "it" question

Are we here for a purpose?

Such a valid question needs a definite answer but unfortunately since time in memoriam, many have sought to retort that archaic question but failed to elaborate its vital essence…it failed because like those “holier-than-thou” philosophers, they are full-breathing humans as well. In my own limited knowledge, we really cannot evaluate our real purpose until we have come to a full closure to the “accurate” person that’s inside of us.

Sort of conquering the inner, hollow space that’s within.

I believe that all of us have to go through deep waters to fully understand that we are being guided by a Higher Being. That no experiences are worth discounting…that in every turn of events whether good or bad are necessary ingredients to our ultimate self actualization…our ultimate purpose.

Well…I have a long path ready to be tread and that ultimate “it” question will be answered soon (I hope).

…just thinking aloud.
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