Tuesday, January 10, 2006

...God, who?

I’m better off believing in God than not believing at all…

So many blogs or articles had been written to disprove or substantiate the existence of God and for sure, I’m not going to tell you another one…because for one thing I can’t.

But all these jumbled words that I’m going to write are my simple attempt to say that I feel God’s presence everyday. If you are a believer of a Higher being…even the most mundane and minute facet of your everyday existence are not glitches from a “matrix” or a random anomalies of the cosmos. Every detail seems to have meaning…a purpose… a life and it’s as if you are right there at the right moment, given the chance to discover the hidden nuggets of wisdom beyond the legitimacy of pain, suffering, joy or triumph.

I feel God because I’m letting myself to believe…how true that His peace and wisdom transcends all understanding. I can’t explain it on a face value or dissect my personal experiences into verbosity because there is no way to do so…it’s a fundamental relationship between a creature and a Creator; the experience outweighs the logic.

I’m not even imposing my belief but as time passes by…I believe that “we” are better off than those who just shrug their shoulders and ignore the obvious.

It’s better to die believing and stereotyped as a fool than dying and realizing that I’m a complete fool.

Well…just thinking aloud


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