Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Have we met before...?

Have you ever had that moment when you seemed to know someone by face and actually had that courage to make the first move and talk to that person.

…well, I did?

But it didn’t go as it turns out. I know his face was quite familiar but I couldn’t just grapple where and when I saw him. Anyways, I was in the train station this morning and I saw him sitting in a nearby bench. We exchanged glances and I thought he was going to smile at me …so I smiled but regrettably he didn’t and pushed his vision to some distant surrounding. Well, to save my face and that notion that I was a creep, I managed to find my potency to talk to him, right move?


So I went standing in front of him, aware that a couple of people are staring at us. I asked the proverbial question if he was with the same university I went in my college years because I think he was one of the alumni there. He said NO! And I really could sense his tension and I know what’s going on in his mind---what the s*** is this guy needs from me? So I asked a gibberish question if we know each other and that made it even worse when he uttered again the word NO!

Cold sweat was starting to form in my brow and I could feel the butterflies going crazy in my stomach. Apparently this guy whom I think is a familiar face was nonetheless unfamiliar. I’m thinking, what I’m going to do now…the two guys sitting beside him are intently looking at me maliciously like I was this guy’s stalker or a fag who have nothing else to do but to pimp. I could paint this guy’s reaction into a spectrum of aversion and confusion.

So with a rattled voice I said… “Ah, Ok...sorry!” such words so scarce that I could feel the emptiness of it.

I didn’t have the nerve to look at him and just strutted my way to the street.

It only shows that sometimes being polite is not necessarily the best option to talk to someone whom you vaguely remember. You must test the water so to speak and wait if he will respond to your civility…if not then you will save your face from embarrassing situation.

Well…just thinking aloud.


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