Friday, January 13, 2006

Measure of a Man

Are guys required to open up “feelings” with each other…?

Being a dude myself, I have come to discover that nearly all my buddies are not into that “sharing’ thing. They rather talk about women, the latest score of NBA/PBA, their insipid jobs and what makes them the kingpin in their own rights…which is just valid because that’s what average guys do; but feelings, NOPE, that’s a girly stuff; an unchartered territory never to be stepped by a normal Joe.

It’s like there is this unwritten code that we understood beyond the borders of male philosophy. Men were accustomed to that idea that opening up your sentiments to your co-specie will cause social disassociation and stigma.

Is this a societal conspiracy brewed by centuries of patriarchal structure…to act tough because boys don’t cry…we sulk it in; projecting an infallible image to the extent of thrashing emotional fluke that constantly seeps into our psyche.

Statistics have provided that more males committed suicide than their female counterpart. Why is that so? It makes me wonder sometimes…is this the direct result of a controlled emotion…asleep in the male ego for countless of years. That a minuscule spark of predicament will burst the dam into a raging ocean of oblivion.

Nevertheless, once in a while you will find that great buddy who is not so ashamed to open up his thoughts, his insecurities and fears. Giving you a peek on his mind and letting his real persona exposed. Candidly admitting that he too face difficulties along his journey…that he is swallowed by the constant sense of emptiness and bewilderment, confusions and disappointments.

He showed me that’ it’s okay to feel small and to feel lost one time or another… that what I am experiencing is legitimate and valid. That we are going through the same phase of probing the reason of our existence.

That I have a company after all in this journey called life…

Real men cries and bleed and they know they have flaws and weaknesses as well…that the real gauge of a man is not to face the battle alone but to realize that he needs an ally all along.

To my bud, you know who you are…THANK YOU so much for letting me stride down the broken road you are treading.

Well just thinking aloud…


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