Thursday, May 04, 2006

...of lasting mark

Yesterday, I went to a prospect company and filed my application and CV. I need every ounce of prayers from you guys that I will be considered for the position. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that I can ace whatever examinations or interviews I will face.


As I was watching a news program yesterday, a segment focused on a man who has a disease- stricken wife and a mentally challenged daughter. It unravels his personal story of battle to sustain their everyday necessity much less to cope up with his sick family. It made me wonder how life can be so unfair sometimes…that those who have none have so much suffering and pain to endure. Those who are barely scratching their everyday existence are sometimes drowned with ailments and diseases. While the rest of us are consumed with trifling or insignificant problems, problems that don’t even count because of its triviality, thousands upon thousands have only hope to hold on to…hope that sustains their very fiber of conviction that this “challenges” shall pass…but apparently it does not. I feel guilty sometimes that I have to complain every morning that things are not going my own way and yet my eyes are closed to the plight of those who are searching for the light of significance, that their existence matters. I guess I am on that journey of self-discovery that the truly significant legacy I could pass on as a lasting mark is the mark that can be found on the hearts of those I have helped… even how minute the case maybe.

We pray for those who are weary…but looking on hindsight, we are the prayers!


Blogger don said...

And that'll be that for the 6 day work week and mandatory OT. You go get that new job!

Painful to see so much pain and hardship in this world. Painful to see how a world designed to sustain us, becomes a cage for those less fortunate. It drives me to shame and prayer. But I think we need to also be thankful and joyful for our many blessings!

If we could wake up each day with the intent to be a blessing to others, I think that would go a long way.

7:25 PM  
Blogger gone said...

I like the beaming smiley you.

I will be praying for you that God's favor will be evident and something about you will outshine the other applicant (if there are any) or just make a lasting good impression.

4:47 AM  
Blogger jef said...

Don: Yes! I have to count my many blessings as well, Being joyful that I am loved by a Sovereign Being

Snow: Thanks for the compliment and for the prayers.

You guys are the best...thanks!

8:11 AM  
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