Sunday, April 23, 2006


I have learned a long time ago that when a person has a low concept of God, he’s actions are primarily geared to self indulgence. That inkling that Someone has the power to throw you into the lake of fire or be willing to take you under His wings in paradise will change your perspective about what is important or what is not. You always view your actions in light of eternity.


Why do guys are always attracted to a woman having an IQ of a carrot?

Last night at around 1 am and barely sleeping for an hour, a girl, quite tipsy and all that, (an evening acquaintance of one of my housemates) went inside our room and blubber incoherent insults to my roommate asking him to go downstairs with her and waste the night away. I was totally shocked of her mindless theatrics. She saw me sleeping and noticed that I was abruptly awakened by her charade and yet still had the nerve to laugh. To top it off she didn’t even apologize for her behavior. Oh! God forgive me for my horrible thoughts at that time. It took me a long time to gather my sleep nods again and I was thinking of gorging her eyes and pulling her tongue away to satisfy my sadistic desires to inflict suffering to her. I was so mad! Anyhow, I pondered that wasting my precious time arguing with a banal woman is not worth the effort. I’m accustomed to move away to seemingly good opportunities to let them taste my fury but I followed the 90-10 principle ever since. I have a 90% chance of controlling my actions and the 10% are mere coincidences and untoward circumstances that are far beyond my control. The following are the questions I am answering before prompting to erupt;

*Does it Matter? Most of those irritations are of minor significance and I just shrug my shoulder and consider it as a history.

* Is it worth my time? A minute of unhappiness is still a minute lost. There are more problems of higher weights that needed to be focused on.

* Will I be satisfied after? Apparently for only a miniscule amount of time because after the bursting of the bubble, I have to face any repercussions or words thats been said. I hate feeling guilty afterwards.

So, basically, people at one time or another will definitely annoy us. Bringing us to our animalistic predisposition…well, the choice of having a bad day or not always rest within us!

…just thinking aloud!


Blogger gone said...

This is so kool, i need to remember this wisdom as i can be hot headed sometimes and on impulse, open my mouth when it should definitley stay shut.

I know gurls like that, if you had a go for her behaviour she would have probably laughed so don't waste ya breath guy.

Sleep well

7:52 AM  
Blogger don said...

keep thinking out loud....
but not too loud...
some of us are trying to sleep!

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:08 PM  

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