Sunday, April 09, 2006

two to tango

I had the chance to attend to one of my friend’s wedding yesterday and somehow, the what-if scenario flooded my mind again.

It feels good and so darn romantic witnessing two souls tie the knot. It seemed that the stars aligned just for one single moment and the heaven opened with the angels singing wedding songs.

But it made me think about the probability when I will be at the same altar uttering my eternal vow to that woman who will make my life complete. Would it be like what I imagined before or much better? What will be the exact feeling that I will experience during that time…knowing that the person that’s in front of me is the woman that I am going to share my life with.

Chances like this often come to remind us the bigger picture of our life. That we are to meet someone, fall in love and weave a life together. I know that it’s a Mother Goose arrangement to reckon that a married life is all but a smooth sailing adventure. Much likely it isn’t and will never be. Many divorces happened because they couple wants the temporary high--that particular euphoria of courting and falling in love. But honeymoon stage is just but a fleeting moment that can easily take its way out after the finances and marital issues come into surface.

Well, I just hope that I will be ready by then when the wedding bells rang and real life begins.


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