Wednesday, March 08, 2006

To Dad

The school where my Dad used to teach honored him last December. This was the acceptance speech I made in behalf of my family and to which my sister delivered during that school recognition. Just want to share with you how much I have become because I have a Dad who raised me with an iron fist and a loving heart.


Being part of the most awarded public school in Solano can be a lot of pressure not only to the teacher concerned but for their family as well.

We have seen our Dad being so committed to his teaching profession that sometimes our family rapport was quite affected. He wants to meet deadline…wants to accomplish the springboard material for that day…and literally dragging himself from sleep at the unholy hour of the night just to compose the lesson plan. We basically geared ourselves and made Dad’s world a part of our world as well.

When he got deadlines to pass, somebody must be in the computer polishing things up. Computations of grades is a family matters as well. So do cleaning the classrooms for major school visitation and preparation of the springboard materials. His business is fundamentally our business.

Most of you know that our Dad had a minor stroke before which made his eyesight blurry but instead of quitting and feeling sorry for himself, he kept on and took that as a challenge along the way. He indeed exuded what’s like to be a devoted teacher.

All of these he has done in the call of duty. He doesn’t believe in the mediocrity of performance; he always does things above what has been called for. Little did he know that we indeed appreciated all his sacrifices.

What we admire most and currently following was his work ethics; we have seen his intense dedication and fiery enthusiasm in his work. That alone is very noteworthy.

Last February 2005, Dad had a near fatal stroke which ended his passion to teach. The road stopped and the sun settled early.

He could have done more, contributed more and we are confident that he has more to give to the budding youngsters.

But every journey has an ending and we believe that this time around its time for him to lay down the books and mark it finished.

Dad finished his last year of teaching in this institution with great pride and accomplishment. He has made something of himself here, met great friendships and unequal contemporaries. We know that all these memories and kind remarks will help him recover from the illness that he is presently fighting.

If only Dad could embrace each one of you and tell you how much he appreciated this tribute.

Dad may not be the gregarious and conversationalist person that he has been but deep inside he is still that shining star that lights up the room.

When all the applause and cheers has ended, what remains is the good company that he felt with the Solano East Central School faculty and staff.

In behalf of my family, no words warm enough could convey our deepest gratitude and appreciation for this humble recognition to our beloved father.

May the last years that he will spend with us be full of love, blessings and happiness…the previous trek may have been ended but a greater journey awaits.

God bless you all.


Blogger tin2joy said...

hi jef! wow! i feel like i'm reading about my own life... just that it's my mom who's the educator. she was an administrator in one of the universities here in bacolod and she would have gone on serving if she didn't have a stroke in september last year. her work was also our entire family's work. when she was assigned to put up a new school in another province, we were all there to help her. even when she wrote her dissertation, it was a family affair - i did the computations, my brother and sister did the typing, my dad helped with the editing.

9:13 AM  
Blogger jef said...

I had the chance to read your post with regards to your mom...and gave me the inkling to post my version as well.
Yep, the insurmountable financial issue was the greatest problem so far...but like what you've written also, God definitely provides. Thanks for droppin' by.

10:15 AM  
Blogger Joaquin said...

what a moving tribute. I will have a good look at some of your other posts once finals are finished up. Keep it up! Looks good.

10:30 PM  
Blogger BongA said...

Wow jef. This reminded me of a Toastmasters speech I did (it won) back in 1989 - it was about my dad. Talking about parents is always an emotional thing because I think it is true, we can never ever thank them enough for what they did and continue to do for us. Dude, thanks too for supporting me in my blog. I do care about what my regular blogmates say.


12:04 AM  
Blogger the Biermann's said...

you're a pretty great writer too man, keep it up!

8:11 AM  
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