Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Helping Hands Across the Seas

While going to the gym last Saturday, I was speechless when I read on the newspaper that at least 2000 people were feared to be dead in Southern Leyte. The incessant rain caused the whole slope of a mountain to gave away and totally swept the whole municipality in oblivion.

It was said that the only sole survivors were the one who went to the market, a couple of kilometers away from their municipality. The sad note in this story was a whole school where many kids with their parents and their teachers who were there to celebrate a school event were trapped during the mud avalanche. It was so sudden that there was no possibility of escape.

Up until now, as I write this post, the chance of saving few more lives are dimming. Through the help of other nations like the US, Malaysia, Taiwan, China to name a few, the whole nation is still adamant and praying hard that hope is not yet lost or forgotten.

What interest me these past days was many militant groups who were shouting anti-US sentiments at the US embassy were mimed because of this tragedy. How could they rant against the US now when the whole nation is very thankful for their effort and brotherly gesture.

Are they the one who were digging up mud and dirt?

Are they doing anything, save for voicing their unreasonable opinions, to ease the burden of their own countrymen.

If they believe that they are the guardians of this country, the first act they must do is to show that they care. It appears now that only thing they are guarding is their personal interest.

The Opposition likewise can not stop their blubbering mouths; they want publicity by pinpointing all the blames to the government. They are very good in proofreading, mind you, almost all the good programs that the government is doing had/has been looked critically, scavenging loopholes and legal technicalities. Always on guard as well by deposing all the necessary ties with the US. The funny part was, these groups of pseudo-patriots have vacation houses and stocks in the US. If they don’t want the Americans, then they should reject any help from them in the first place. They are bunch of hypocrites worthy to be replaced instead by those who died in the landslide

The fact is, this country needs the Americans. We can’t do it all alone. It’s good that they are still interested in helping this little nation who is so long been an ingrate.

We owe so much to the Americans. My generation may not have known and felt the sacrifices of the G.I.s when World War II broke, but I personally am deeply grateful. The pacific ocean may separate the two nations but when tragedy strikes, Americans were the first one to respond.

To all the nations who were so kind to give a hand with our present dilemma…THANK YOU so much. May God bless your country more.
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