Tuesday, January 24, 2006

loving in a distance

The hardest and saddest part of loving someone is watching her fall for someone else …and realized that she can never be yours.

The hardest still is you’ve finally resolved that she’s better off with him.

I admit that I love her in a distance.
…constantly wondering of that possibility of holding her hands and knowing her intimate details. Oh! I know every bit of her, from the way she laughs, her dancing eyelashes, her cursive smiles, her imposing eyes and her scent that made me forget that I’m still on earth.
Believing that one distant day, she will look at me the way I always looked at her.

She became my resort when I feel so lost. My guidepost when all the life’s street signs got mixed up. My shining star when dark clouds covered my only piece of sky…and my motivation to keep pressing forward because of that thought that the best is yet to come.

I am forever be thankful that I met her…because of her presence I discovered how much I am capable to give love; how much I can give my everything and still have something left to give; of believing that a love that is so pure can transcends all logic, even how illogical it may seem.

…and yet wished that it’s far better if I haven’t met her at all.

She’s so near yet I feel that a thousand oceans and a million mornings’ divide us; an immense separation that only a hopeless romantic could believe that it can be linked.

…and yet I am a hopeless romantic.

The last time we’ve been together was the time I’ve met him. A very cool guy with an air of intellectual superiority and yet humble enough to shine a warm smile at me…and I noticed that she was never been happier …I know then that my presence in her life is slowly diminishing.

As they talked, I stepped back and cherished my last moments with her. Looking at her intently at the sideline and memorizing how she looks like, when finally her own resort, guidepost, star and motivator was there.

…and yes! I will still love her in a distance.


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