Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Random Thoughts and a Cold Valentine

Sometimes you will meet a very nondescript person that will totally make an indelible impression in your heart.

After attending our company’s annual festivity, I opted to go to the church last Sunday, and I never thought that random circumstances can actually help me perceive my faith in a different angle.


I found myself sitting next to this young man, around 18 or 19 years old but what struck me most was he was so downcast. The first thing that came to my mind was he was having a real bad day. I could picture the whole world on his shoulders literally.

I kept my focus and tried very hard listening to the Pastor…but having a wary eye on the dude sitting on my right. He was fidgeting the church program and looking down intently on his slippers, or so I thought. But still he tried his best to be mentally present during the service.

When the service ended, as if fate had something to do with it, we shared the same cab ride home. I set a 20 peso bill on my hand and finally asked him where he will be going. It turned out he was just a block away from my home, so I offered that I’m just going to pay his ride. He said a mild thanks.

Fifteen minutes later, he reached his hands and offered a friendly hand shake.

Him: I’m Raul
Me: Jef
Me:…so you are a Methodist
Him: Yeah, I usually attend the Tagalog Service


Me: Im sorry to pry…but I feel like you have a problem


Him: Yes!

And his reply was one of the exceptional answers I have heard so far coming out from an angst ridden teenager.

Him: My problems are big but my God is much bigger.

I was totally taken aback from his answer that a lump on my throat was forming.

Here was a guy whom I thought was having a real bad day…problems that I dare not imagine going on his head and yet had that stern faith that comes from a strong heart.

I never remembered what the Minister‘s sermon was but this guy’s testimony was sufficient; a testament of a soul leaning upon the strength of his God. I am so impressed and yet humbled that I was able to experience rare moments like this.

It was said before that we may be the only Bible a person could ever read on his life.

Never miss an opportunity reaching out to others and always be mindful of rare moments which could help you along your journey. It maybe a small chat by an unknown person as you wait for the bus or a warm smile from an acquaintance. The list goes on but one fact remains true, moments like this are wrapped in a very simple packages.


I was thinking about writing about Valentines and things like that but crap…I got none.

I’m still a hopeless romantic.

Nope, make that hopeless hehe.

Happy Valentines!


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