Wednesday, March 01, 2006

dusty memories and misty recollections

~I observed that as I wind myself to maturity the more I feel all alone. Of course I got friends around but it’s not the same anymore. Life now becomes so serious…we are all geared in maintaining and reaching our career goal.

I remember a couple of years ago when my peers and I will just hangout with one of our friend’s house doing absolutely nothing but were contented with just being together. I remember the time we tread along the grassy clearing in the nearby farm just to watch the sun set or having our vocal chords strained with the midnight karaoke. We indeed shared so many memories together and it seemed endless at that time.

But what I missed most was the carefree freedom of weaving our dreams together and of trying to figure out what lies ahead. With our youthful idealism, we thought of conquering the world without leaving our footprints behind.

People and events do change and as much as we don’t want to loose contact with each other, well, it is bound to happen.

With all the new technology right now like the cellphone or the internet, it’s funny to note that we rarely drop by and say Hi anymore. Maybe because we don’t know where to pick up the friendship we left…or was there something left to pick up anyway. Or maybe because we are too busy focusing on ourselves and fail to recognize that we are traveling alone…and loving it.

I admit that I for one am guilty as charged as I let myself drift from them. I found new acquaintances along my personal trek. A handful of whom I am very thankful because they are really good people…but many were just passing glances, foggy memories and faceless characters.

Now, I tend to withdraw from new acquaintances; I just cannot afford to create new friendship anymore which I know cannot survive from the intricacies of daily gripe. Thus, I become aloof and cold.

If only I could look back when time stood still and stars are as bright as I remembered them. When dreams can be seen at the horizon and where laughter and cheers filled the dusk with great colors.

But now all I hear is a resounding echo from a distant past bouncing within the walls of my memory. The cheers died down and the songs faded.

I know I moved on…


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