Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fighting the Wrong Fight

On the remembrance of the People Power (EDSA) Revolution this week, many pseudo-patriots a.k.a oppositions once again will gather at the EDSA shrine and a handful of them will march at the Ayala Avenue in Makati with one goal in their sporadic minds— oust President Macapagal-Arroyo from her office.

To start with, this particular “revolution”, as they call it loosely, was a fabricated theatrical act by political thespians who have no real concern about the plights of their countrymen. They advocated themselves as the knights riding on the bandwagon of serving the poor… but looking at their track records, they haven’t done ANYTHING to alleviate or even minimize poverty. They are just a bunch of blubbering mouths full of bullshits.

What irks me most is their constant generalization that the whole nation is with them. Manila is not the Philippines, OK! Many Filipinos are sooo tired with these political theatrics. We are tired of your ranting against the government, of always barging on the President’s initiative to make a difference, and their ever so highly legalistic technicality about every darn economic proposition that can actually help this country take off.

I got two words for you, O High and Mighty Oppositions, “MOVE ON.” If “we” the silent majority really want to oust the President, we should have done it a year ago with all the scandal of the Garci Tape. The fact is we don’t like you guys to take over the country. It is better by far to have a known enemy than to risk our lives from a lurking monster hiding in those designer tuxedos.

We know your hidden agenda. Puhleeze!!! Don’t make us pay for your vacation abroad or your mansions or your posh cars or your mistresses.

Just give us the honor of having a minute sense of observation because it’s that OBVIOUS, OK!

You might get the attention of the media by exaggerating a skimpy protest by those marginalized people whom you obviously paid to protest, but when asked, they surely don’t know what they are fighting for, saved for their memorized mantra “PATALSIKIN SI GLORIA.”

The hardest part was the whole world is watching us and when these media exaggerations will be funneled to the international viewers, our country is seemingly chaotic…but it’s not. It is you guys who are perversely committed in destroying in whatever economic and social agenda the President is doing.

I salute the President for not being affected and still focusing her mind to fulfill her vision. Continue Madame President of annoying those opposition leaders by simply ignoring them. That’s the best way to stop a childish tantrum made by those insecure, power hungry and good for nothing simians.

EDSA commemoration is nothing more than a desperate attempt to woo the nation in believing that they are the champion of the masses.

…wrong attempt. We know what you are up to!


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