Monday, March 06, 2006

moving out and taking chances

Last Saturday I finally moved out from my previous loft in Sampaloc, Manila and decided to settle in Makati City (a mere 10 minute walk to my work woohoo!).

My moving was bittersweet. In all candors, I had four months of happy memories planted within the walls of my earlier abode, but, it gives me an opportunity as well to mosey around new blocks and discover new acquaintances.

The thrill of living in a bigger city outweighs the risk that comes along.

I’ve met the people that I will be living with and thank God they were pretty decent and quite accommodating. Mark, my roommate helped me navigate the streets and the where-to-go-just-in-case-your-lost briefing. I think I am going to like and enjoy my stay there.

The place was quite accessible to all the necessities that I could think of—a four story mall called WalterMart (Pinoy version of Wal-Mart) and another mall, Makati Square (I think?). But, what I love most is the comfort that it will just be a 10 minute walk from the office. No need for any transpo and the exercise that I will get will surely make my calves more appealing hehe!

We got no television for now and no freezer, but I am flexible; those were the things I could live without…and I love to think that I could actually read books now without any interruptions, whoa!

Speaking of books, I bought two just the other day and I’m currently finishing Daddy-Long Legs. I thought that it was a classic slash chick book before but my judgment could not be more further from the truth. That book is a total stress reliever and a page turner. Simple humor indeed can make the heart afloat. The author, whom by the way was a niece of the famous Mark Twain, knows the true potion of literary magic.

On the other hand, last night, my buddy John and I went out and had a worthy conversation. Catching up what’s going on with our own life and at the same time spilling all our rants and disappointments. He just had a rugby tournament and boy was he bruised. I’m secretly chuckling because it looks like something was shoved on his ass with the way he struts.

Anyway, I saw him in a different light yesterday because something really poked his senses with his short stay in this country. Before, his pockets were full of enthusiasm and personal idealism…he actually thinks that he could change something in this country.

Well, I believe he did in his simple ways, but the truth is, it takes the collective efforts of Filipinos to muster what has been lost earlier—unity and national pride. He added also that before he was so overwhelmed with our wretched condition but as he strides along the streets of manila, the poverty and corruption which are very apparent and widespread—a temporary scar that simply wouldn’t go away, seemed normal to him now.

Like many Filipinos, he became so jaded with the overpowering task of improving this country that a shrug of a shoulder is something more like a reflex rather than a last resort stroke.

Still, he said that he's here to help even how minute his contributions are in comparison to the insurmountable mission that is upon him.

Oh well…just thinking aloud


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