Friday, March 03, 2006

fragment of a memory

~This pic was taken last December during my niece's baptism. That's my sistah by the way. She doesn't know that she's one of my heroes. We have the typical sibling relationship (a cat and mouse rivalry) but behind it all, I know that she will always be my cheerleader. Such a woman of substance and character. If you want to scrape my dirty little secrets...stay away from her; she will not hesitate to sell me out aaargh!

That dude is John McGill. A US Peacecorps Volunteer. We met and became friends April of 2005 but it seems like I've known this guy for eternity. He got that rare combination of sensitivity and strength. Very charismatic to the ladies and has a special heart reserved for the abused and forgotten kids (He is working at a DSWD Lingap Center in Tarlac). My buddy will always be my human stress reliever...too bad, he will be going back to Washington State come June 2006.

But, I know we're bonded and sealed for life.


Blogger BongA said...

there are PC volunteers in the country still? wow! that was my first job - not as a volunteer - but as a language instructor for american volunteers. great to know the peace corps spirit is alive.

4:52 PM  
Blogger jef said...

Apparently so. John said that inspite and despite of the political turmoil in this country, PEACECORPS, will still stick through, no matter what. He is on batch 264 by the way.

Funny to think that these guys are still doing their job without any media focusing on them...wish ko lang mga pinuno natin MAGTRABAHO na rin at tama na ang pagpapa cute sa TV.

5:06 PM  
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