Sunday, April 02, 2006

back to reality

After a two day hiatus from the daily gripe, I am here again working in front of the computer covering an 18 hour shift! Man, it’s hard to offset an absence and I can see the toll that’s been happening in my body. Truth is I feel weak and darn exhausted. I just came from the province (a very well spent vacation though) and the moment I step from the bus, all I can take heed was the rolling of my eyes saying “here we go again!”


Funny that I am like a border now to my own home back in the province. Of course, I still have all my belongings back there but it feels different now. It’s like I’ve been away for so long that I need to reacquaint with the old memories I’ve been so familiar with.


It’s great to be with my family again. We’ve been so tightly knitted that I cherished every single moments with them. I’m just so pissed that every now and then I was counting the remaining hours before I will depart and go back to reality—my reality! But. It feels good to chuckle and wrestle with my young bro and talk frivolously with the parentals. I had the chance to play with my cat for 8 years and guess what, he still recognizes me and can’t seem to get enough that I was there again. Too bad, I was just passing by.


With my head spinning at this moment and my blood basically turning white with anemia hehe, I take all the consequences of my unplanned absence in the office because I had a blast going down and finding my own source of happiness. My family.


Blogger tin2joy said...

hi jef. just be thankful that you were able to go on a mini-vacation. :)

3:00 PM  
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