Monday, March 13, 2006

No Opportunity Wasted (NOW)

I’m always that type of person who looks at a glass half full. I’m not an optimist jerk who hasn’t come to grip with his own reality but on the other hand I have come to accept reality as it is. I do try to cherish each unfolding day but sometimes all I get is an echo of the past I rather forget and a longing sigh of an impatient tomorrow.

In the book “The Horse Whisperer”, (thanks Tin for recommending that book by the way) it points out that “forever is just a long trail of now”, that phrase blew me away. A verse from the Bible reiterated the same wisdom when it states “Let tomorrow worry itself”.

The concept looks so utterly naïve but I got the chills when I burrowed deeper and understood that what is occurring in the great populace are the eternal preoccupation of the past and the sordid fear of the future.

Why do we need to become so overly problematic with our past and a worry wart with our future? We know we really cannot do anything about it and neither we are capable of rearranging the events that transpired or will transpire. But still, the idea of living for just a day at a time eludes the hell out of me. Am I capable to focus on the now.

As of this moment, my head is spinning with plans for the next week, or next year and at the same time, kicking myself for what I’ve said or did yesterday or last month. Its sooo exhausting. It’s as if all the three phases of my existence happens all at once.

So where do I go from here…

I think I should have that baby step in realizing that now is forever encapsulated within the boundaries of the present. If I screwed my past, I sure know the ramification it will bring to my future. If I did extremely well on my present, my past is a good legacy to reckon with, and my future is something to anticipate for.

Hmmm, I think I just answered my own question. Forgive the ranting of a confused soul.

Well, just thinking aloud…


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