Monday, May 29, 2006


There was something in a country life that fascinates me, not only because I was raised there, but it’s as if time and space conspired to make each moment last a little bit longer

These are the snippets that keep on entering my mind when my heart feels low and life stands still:

  • The smell of freshly cut rice stalks when harvest comes. Unbelievable! Nothing like a pure and natural scent that comes from the bosom of the earth.
  • The first rain during May. When the earth is thirsty and craving for moisture as the drops form little puddles.
  • Dainty street flowers that is waiting to be plucked by the small hands of a wandering child
  • Exploding colors of sunrise and sunset. The sky looks like a big canvas of moving hues from mauve to bright yellow.
  • Cauliflower clouds that drift slowly during summer.
  • Breeze that swept your hair as you drove your bicycle on a nearby farm.
  • The sweet melodic choir of the birds as they settle during dusk.
  • The clear stream that runs freely between your toes.
  • Majestic mountains that tower our valley as if guarding us from the influence of the outside.
  • Friends and people. It’s hard to find quality people in the city. When country folks smile, you will sense that it’s a smile that speaks of a pure intention
  • Clear and absolutely striking nights, when the sky is filled with shimmering stars that expands from horizon to horizon
  • Food that was not embellished with insecticides
  • Carefree walks across a grassy clearing
  • Smell of cow dung
  • The sweeping scent of a two day old hay

Why am I writing these…well, I’m going home for three days and it’s good to reminisce these treasured memories. I can’t wait to experience them all over again. Funny to think that living in the steel jungle for more than three years now seems a shallow endeavor as compare to the rich and flavorful experience derived from the backdrop of mother nature.

Ciao for now!


Blogger gone said...

You write beautifully guy!

3:42 AM  
Blogger don said...

Ya he does snow. I was born in the city and my parents sought refuge in the country. The best years of my life were in the farming community. I thought the measure of a man was how far he moved from his home town, so I got married and Sue and I sought our fortunes in the big city. That lasted for 1.5 years until we fled back. My outlook is different now. Sure I still work in the big city, but I live in the farm community. I guess that makes me quite blessed indeed. And You too, for you have such rich memories of that special place. Enjoy your stay and say hi to the folks.

10:53 AM  
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