Saturday, May 06, 2006


I have already rendered my three hours of mandatory overtime and yet my boss still has the nerve to question my work ethics.

Time 8:00 PM

Me: Sir. I’m passing my productivity report …

Him: You’re going home? It’s not yet 9… it’s too early

Me: I’ve already rendered an early OT this morning and…

Him: Did I authorize that? You must know the consequences of your actions, we’re losing a client!

And he stared at me with searing look.

Whaaat! Here I am, breaking my back to meet whatever demands our client needs and I am still questioned about my work. What does he want; spend all my waking hours to work. The funny and infuriating part is, I am the most productive (modesty aside) because when I work, I work hard without the dillydally of chat/gossip or horsing around to occupy my time (and my productivity report can vouch my claim). I keep my focus and do the best of my ability. I am satisfied going home from the office every night knowing that my work commensurate with the compensation I received every payday.

I’m angry because he is looking on face value, i.e. amount of time consumed not the productivity that comes along. What’s the point of staying the whole 24 hours and yet the production is just a mediocre output.



Blogger don said...

Are jobs hard to get there? Sounds like your boss is not on the same page as you. I have a good work habit and my boss knows it. That allows me some latitude. Sounds like your boss doesnt know or doesnt care. Sounds like Jef needs another boss.

4:44 AM  
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