Thursday, June 08, 2006


Underneath the dawn's gleaming power,
Is a tear rolling down my cheek.
An empty space throbbing each hour;
A suppressed voice wanting to soar and seek.

A single hope amidst the barren night,
Cracked ablaze within me.
But looking through this soundless sight,
Wont drench my soul with its beauty.

I hear not the breathing calmness of life
Of subtle subsistence and awakening.
Within my being I cuddled to strife,
The phase of hoping and drudging.

The dawn that once roused my heart,
Is now drowned in the stream of exhaustion.
Even If I try, I couldnt start,
To defend a rowdy fight from reason.

Im now weary to face the rising sun,
And wretched to glance or follow.
Another day, another life has just begun,
A meek struggle for yesterdays tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:50 AM  
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