Monday, July 23, 2007

From the Desk of the Infuriated Jef

To The Arrogant Fresh Grad in the Office

This is just an unsolicited advice, OK! If you think your three month training in one of the prestigious auditing firm in the country makes you a far better and more qualified employee than the rest of the peeps, then think again kiddo.

I don't like you bad mouthing the hand that feeds you. If you believe that your level is above the company's standard and that you are paid far below what you can earn outside, then my friend, the door is wide open.

Please! Prove yourself first before you sanctimoniously preach about how Company A or Company B provide a much more salary competition than what you are receiving. You always think about how much money you can earn with the CPA attached to your name. Although, I have the faintest idea that what you're really after is --money. Be careful, that kind of thinking will sap your soul empty.

Invest in experience first my dear diaper trained friend. Those three months you have mentioned meant absolutely nothing. That's just a walk in the park for crying out loud.

So the next time you complain about how much they are underutilizing you, feel free to go. And by the way, the company you were referring to have the following for your taking:

* Night Shift
* Work -- Toxic level

So...take the plunge, eh!


Blogger D.T. said...

Too bad he probably wont recognize the value of your words until it's too late...

3:26 AM  
Blogger iRonnie said...

you're doing a number of whining lately ha.. ;)

8:08 PM  

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