Sunday, June 11, 2006

chances are...

Last weekend, while my buddies and I were at the mall, something happened that I only wished happened to me before…when I was alone and had the capacity to muster enough courage.

Well, I have been dreaming of this girl before. She was an acquaintance and we had a few casual conversations but when the review class ended a couple of years ago, that ended our budding friendship as well.

She was mainly the heroine of my daily post in my diary (way back when there were no blogsites) and a recurring ingredient of my dreams. There was something in her that magnetized my whole soul into delving into snapshots of daydreams and I have already built my own universe of happy memories unbeknownst to her.

Every day, as long as I can remember, I have this habit of scanning people’s faces with that wishful thinking that I could take a glance of her beautiful face. I kept on believing that one day I will see her again.

…and fate has a sick humor. When my guards are down, she popped her way into my life when I wasn’t even thinking of her that day.

My buddy and I were chatting endlessly that afternoon and I saw her. With her green plaid clothes, beautiful as ever. Our eyes met but I doubt that she remembered me…I feel like the world stops at that moment and all I can feel is the way she strides pass through me. Corny as it sounds but I feel the weight of my body collapsing into my jelly feet. I’ve been waiting that day to happen and funny to recount that things expected will fit into the most unexpected time.

I wished I had gathered my strengths to talk to her and maybe she will remember (or not) but that chance will not happen again, I think…


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