Friday, July 14, 2006

10 If's

  1. If I will be the President of this country, the first thing I will do is to sip a good cup of coffee [harharhar] Naah! Given the power and influence, I will first identify the reason of poverty and lay out a concrete plan to minimize its effect within my term. I will also spearhead the development of micro business to facilitate more jobs…and yeah! Totally abolish cigarette manufacturing and importing. VOTE FOR ME in 2030 Yey!

  1. If I can turn back time and visit a prominent person, I would love to have a good conversation with Dr.Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor who coined this timeless wisdom, “The last of human liberties is to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstances.” Absolutely endearing aint it!

  1. If I am a famous Hollywood actor, I would like to be Brad Pitt. Dang! No need to elaborate on that one hehehe! Angelina here I come baby!

  1. If I am a book, I would like to be the book that comforts when I’m badly needed and a source of joy when the blues come knockin’ at the door…like the book KAMASUTRA heheh…kiddin of course, any book of John Maxwell will do.

  1. If I can spend a day to a city of my choice, Paris tops my list. There is something with that darn Eiffel tower that drags me to look at it and be amazed. Maybe it has something to do with its structure of beams and lights--living my kiddy fantasy of climbing that tall monkey bar in our park.

  1. If I could spend my whole life watching the sunset, I will do it in a heartbeat. Sunset reminds me that the day’s problems are only fleeting --that no tomorrow cannot solve. How lovely to absorb the beauty of hues and colors being blended by the hands of God.

  1. If I am a superhero, I would like to be Professor X—minus being lame of course. He has the humble demeanor of a true X-Man but alongside with it carries the kickass power of his thoughts. When I was a kid, I tried in vain concentrating with the power of my mind that I can move an object…but my concentration only led me to abdominal cramps with the occasional farting.

  1. If I am a woman’s lingerie, I would be brassiere, yep a bra! Why, any question? I am a man for crying out loud! Do I need to say more?

  1. If I am a dog, I would like to be a golden retriever. A bulldog is plain butt ugly, a pit-bull looks like a male genitalia, a poodle is for sissy and a Saint Bernard is simply dumb looking. Why a goldy? Well, that dog is calm looking and has a smiley eyes. For a companion, a retriever is not too small and yet not too big-just the right size.

  1. If I could turn the hands of time and be a kid again, boy! Would I? Playing an adult is not that thrilling anymore. Sometimes, it is just so stressing and I’m sick of trying too hard to project that I can handle problems single-handedly. I would love to cry “Mommy!” again knowing that mom will be there to bail me out. I wish I still have that innocent mind of weaving my own simple dreams [even if it will not happen], that naive understanding that life will turn out for the best[even if it’s not] and that inexperienced heart in accepting that people are basically good [even if it’s contradictory]

Well, these are my “what ifs”. What’s yours?


Blogger j said...

if you run for President, I'll be the first to volunteer as your campaign manager...
if I could turn back time, I wouldn't change a single thing. I love my life as it is. I'm so blessed, thanking the Lord every second is not even enough :)

2:16 AM  
Blogger gone said...

That quote is arresting for sure. Choosing your attitude is the way to freedom however restricted or impoverished you are.

LOL a bra???? HAHAHA...

You need to get married Jef LOL...and quick!

Seriously, what you said on my blog made me tear up, it meant a lot to me :)

4:35 AM  
Blogger jef said...

what are friends for Hanni--and I do consider you as one!

5:17 AM  
Blogger vic said...

Wish # 1 could easily turn into reality. But why wait 'til 2030? I'll be too old to even vote by that time. I don't know why there is still a minimum age to be a president of the country. The way things are run by "old folks", I'd rather see teenagers and children run the government, maybe they'll make much more sense. Think so?
As for visiting Paris, just remind me to someday, visit the city before I forget, and see for myself the mystic of Eifel Tower.
The Golden Retriever is always the number 1(numero uno) of all the breeds. The most intellegent and gentle and beautiful (my opinion).

Thanks for the sympathy...Indeed, I admired my "Big Brother" for slogging it out against all odds. He choosed to stay in the country in her Service and with our help and support all through the years, he had a good life..many thanks..

9:17 AM  
Blogger don said...

hey jef. we should all meet in Paris under la tour eiffel. Start saving your dough and i'll meet you there. Hanni once told me she would open a fancy chocolat shop in France. I think she was just trying to lure me given my love for chocolat.haha

9:59 AM  
Blogger cruise said...

great choices.

esp the sunset and paris which both has reputation as "romantic" places.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

paris will be great. i also want to tour the rest of europe.

2:13 PM  
Blogger jef said...

Sir Vic: Yuppies today are very concerned with our political situation. We are now becoming PROACTIVE because 'our' country badly needs us. Given a chance, I really want to participate the governing position of this nation.

Don: Never thought that you are choco addict as well. Let's do our le tour haha!

Cruise: Ahh! Sunset in Paris is a dream come true. Wish ko lang hehe!

Ymir: Ipon tayo then let's get it on. Europe here we come!

8:13 PM  
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