Thursday, June 15, 2006

Language 101

Most of you know that I’m a Filipino and thus English is just my second language…so once in while you may discover some grammar slips across my posts and I apologize in any case. I have come to love the English language way back in my elementary years because it offers so many descriptions or metaphors to words that can hardly be expressed in my native tongue. This doesn’t mean of course that I am trashing away my roots but to most of you who doesn’t know about this simple trivia, the Philippines is ranked as third largest English speaking nation across the globe so basically we grew up embracing this foreign language.

The hardest part of being a bilingual is to face every conversation with at least a handful amount of different vocabularies from two different languages. Here in the Philippines, every conversation composed mostly of “Taglish”—Tagalog which is our national tongue and English. I’m hard pressed speaking in full Tagalog every time I talk because there are certain words that can only be used in English and at the same time, though I’m fluent in English, there are moments I caught myself from dissecting my thoughts and digging appropriate words to be used. Not to mention that I can also speak Ilocano, my native tongue from the place I grew up in. So, yeah, I’m a tri-lingual hahaha! In any case, it seems that I’m just a confused child learning to talk.


Blogger gone said...

You articulate yourself realy good i rekon guy. I am English born and raised but like the language i grew up with was more streety than traditional gramatically correct dad would go nuts!

I think is kool for you to be trilingual as it makes you very versitile and intresting too.

6:43 PM  
Blogger j said...

Great post! Did you know that Pinoys are even better with English than the Americans? Pinoys are cool.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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