Monday, June 12, 2006

Random Thoughts

  • I like watching the sun crawl under the mass of clouds during dusk…it made me think that a good day is yet to unravel again.
  • I love watching people in the park walk aimlessly. It’s as if for one single moment people just don’t care about trivial problems.
  • I love the feeling of cold air wrapping my body after a warm bath.
  • I always yearn a quite walk after work.
  • I am very, very intimidated with women who like me. I feel like I’m being pigeonholed with their stares. Oh! How I wish to run from these situations.
  • Sometimes I talk without thinking and it bothers me so much that I can not retrieve the words that have been said.
  • I don’t look at casket every chance I pass one by.
  • I love to witness a warm embrace made by friends, lovers or families. It leaves a complete satisfaction that the world has still something good to offer.


Blogger gone said...

crikey guy you sound like a idealist and a perfectionist and any other 'ist' that i cant think of right that pigeonholing you?..aah well...

Are you too hard on yaself too?

Everybody says thing that are dopey don't they? I do...hek i probably just did...aah well...

The aimlessley walking one, i like that too. Doing it and watching it.

8:20 PM  
Blogger don said...

OK so this is probably way out of line...but try this on for size. You are an artist. You are an accountant? I really should go back and read up...but, if so...Something doesnt jive here. I see how you write, I've seen how you paint. Do you play an instrument? I read how you yearned to return home and all the smells of the agriculture. Youre an accountant? Reading about the mandatory overtime and all the hours of dedicated work......are you counting numbers Jef? So I have lived 44 years and I am only now trying to free myself of the stupid career I chose. Dont get me wrong, it has given me purpose and reason and fed my family. I am grateful...but a phone salesman? come on...I'm an artist. Thats the way my mind is wired. What way is your mind wired Jef? The only thing that I could come up with was that the shittier my day was doing something I hated, the better the music was when I was finished. ...oh and I know the feeling about the pigeon holing. I would freeze and most notably say something really stupid, perhaps to scare her away. Or I would suddenly remember that I had to go immediately to clean my sock drawer. Oh and one last item, the cat is crying. I sense great emotion. The lady on the hill is dreamy and most notably content.While lion...he is just sad and yearning

10:10 AM  

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