Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Travels

When coworkers upload their travel pics to Multiply or Flicker, I can't help but to look at their adventures with so much envy. I wish I was there, too! Scanning the wildlife that abound on that tiny island; feeling the foam of the ocean on my legs as I watch the sun melt in the horizon; wrapping my toes to the silky grains of the sand while I rest my body for a quick nap; dipping my body to the icy cool water; waking up to the freezing morning atop the conquered mountain... or simply the one who was making faces while the camera captures the moment.

I've yearned to be the Adventurous Joe but somehow, constraints of some sort always held me back. Quite the pragmatic, money has always been an issue. It's too costly or it's not within the budget or...

the justification won't end!

...not to mention, your travel companion must at least be likable for a day or else that planned out-of-town will end with so much bickering. Imagine spending the whole time with a friend who constantly nag about mosquitoes and every five minute or so will ask "are we there yet?" Talk about Donkey on Shrek!

Now, I became the unnamed observer of the bustling life of other people. The proverbial life is passing right before my eyes seemed quite true. As I wallow on my inactivity, a couple of people I knew went to a four day island hopping; as I sat in front of the TV watching a rerun, friends will tell me how much they enjoyed their time discovering this awesome getaway; while I was there thinking about my existence, some people actually add meaning into their existence by living it up.

Asking them how much it cost seemed a futile attempt to rationalize if the benefits outweighed the money they shelled out. Asking them if they had fun is really a rhetorical question; based on their photos...yep they truly did!

Summer is peeking over the window and I could already hear plans for out-of-town getaway. In as much as I want to pack up my bags and enjoy a memorable weekend, I know that I will just be staring far beyond and wish that I could.

And when I close my eyes, I do wonder if I, too, can scale that jagged mountain or swim with the company of fishes or press my toes on that warm sand or watch the sun burst across the ocean.

I can only wonder...
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