Monday, November 27, 2006

Signing Out

I will be signing out for a few days...

Going back to the province and recharge my batteries before facing tougher challenges.

Sunset at Manila Bay
simply breathtaking

Friday, November 24, 2006

Random Thoughts


I just realized nowadays how we as a country lack the self confidence and the gritty grit determination to build our own ventures. We tend to go with the flow and settled to be a "mere" employee. With hard work, we climb the ladder, one rung after another. The prospect of receiving a Social Security benefits or a Government backed-up Insurance is enough to get us by and last a grueling 40 years sitting in an office cubicle. That's when during the last decade of our productive years, we visualize Emerson's observation of “Living a life of quiet desperation." Our strengths waned but our desires still soar ...but it's too late.

China proves true with their entreprenual capability. The sleeping giant finally awakes with a roar while we became a perennial Chihuahua.


Money is indeed relative to those who are using it; either you use your money as a tool or money uses you. An analyst pointed out that if the Nation will give each citizen a million dollar as a gift, one year after, he predicts that the rich will be richer two folds and the poor will still be poorer. The rich people will know how to use their money by investing that million dollar grant to propagate their wealth but the poorer sector will think exponentially on how they are going to spend that million bucks to satisfy their wants.


I have to say that I am proud of what Manny Pacquiao did to uplift or boost our confidence as a nation but I think that the only person who is 150 million richer is him. The last time I checked, many are still hungry and jobless. Stop all the crapiness of him being lifted to a Hero status. Hero, from what I have known are martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of others and gained nothing in return. If a boxing gloves or a billiard sticks is all we need to be heroes, then by golly, social workers who worked in a leprosarium or asylums are the most pitied of all creatures.

Oh well, the art of politics will always use celebrities to entice the mass of believing that the status quo is all there is.

...just thinking aloud.

Monday, November 20, 2006

New Milestone

I have said to myself "It's time to move on"

They haven't called after almost two weeks. I've waited and waited. Anxiously anticipating for a call but my hope was left into deaf ears.

And at around 4pm last Friday, life’s little surprises paid a little visit.

A lady called and she said “I’m IN!”


After a year working for this company, it will be hard to leave. I’m happy that I have gained good friends and learned many things. The experience brought many good memories that will forever etch in my heart.

But every journey has its end and every good time will conclude.

It’s time to move on

To tougher challenges

Meeting new people

Learning new skills

And molding my destiny

New challenges start here on 120406


The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. Charles Dubois

Thursday, November 16, 2006

On trying to be different


Calvin and Hobbes, to date, is my favorite comic strip (Anyone who knows where I can buy the complete series, please do tell.) Mr. Bill Watterson, the creator, ended this fantabulous work in 1995 but the heartprints of this duo remains up until now.

When I started reading C&B, I immediately saw myself in Calvin. The kid who's not popular in school, who spend his time rationalizing his existence and tried not to conform with the mainstream smile-plastered kids; the little brat who got lots of things to say but was dismissed because of his age; the one who flew from group to group trying to find his own niche who can understand him... but found none. Hobbes, who is only alive inside his world, was the one who truly understands and cares.

Like Calvin who got Hobbes, the one whom I consider my bestfriend in my formative years was inside my head--talking animatedly to a caricature of a thought while playing in the fields or watching the clouds on a summer's day...and somehow, that's all I need at that time.

And because of my reclusive personality, I've become accustomed to being independent--of not trying to cling to someone tangible. I tried to maintain a very small group of trusted friends and as much as I wanna change that attitude, I know I'm a loner by default.

As a fan pointed out, "Calvin was really quite an anomaly in popular entertainment -- not just in comics, but in anything, be it movies, TV, etc. He has no friends, and no extracurricular activities...the only person he ever has any real interaction with exists only in his head."

Many of us, for a certain extent, don’t fit in our social groups; we were being pressured to conform to what is accepted and later on, found out that we are not in any way a shadow of that person we are trying to become.

Calvin managed to live out that fact that it was OK to be different.


No matter who you are and where you came from, no one can be accepted by anybody... but far more people will be attracted to you if you have come to accept yourself.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Weekend Pondering

It's a cloudy Saturday and I can only imagine how much I've become accustomed to being a hopeless romantic. Its times like these that I prefer to sit in the window and look at the drops of rain form little puddles--silently wondering what went wrong with past relationships. About how much I've traveled to the heights of emotional fulfillment and bounced back to and fro the depths of being alone—again and again.

This is also the best time to play the “what if” scenario:

What if at that time, she was also thinking about you?

What if she is staring at the same piece of sky as well wishing that you could be there beside her?

What if the breeze that silently swept her moments ago is now caressing your cheeks?

What if...


The following are some of the text messages I received from a good friend. It all speaks about that throbbing presence we fondly called love.

Leaving a love you've suddenly outgrown can be heartbreaking, but it also shows you're strong enough to walk away from a relationship that no longer makes you happy. Moving out of your comfort zone can be downright scary. But it also proves just how brave you are to take on the unknown...stronger...braver...wiser. You always do a little growing up every time you do a letting go.


Soulmates can never be found by grasping every hand you see and testing if your hands fit together. But it's that someone who stares back at you on the other side of life when you stare into space and lose consciousness of everything around you and feel a few seconds of what eternity means


Have a fulfilling Weekend!

Monday, November 06, 2006

On Gratitude

"The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings." Eric Hoffer

~ o ~

I have been meaning to update this blog but my creative juices took a hike and filed for a leave of absence. They called back this morning and here I am trying my best to post something worthwhile to read. (Forgive my metaphor...I know it's lame)

Anyhoo, these past few days, I've been thinking a lot about contentment. I think I've been accustomed to what I have (or who I have) right now that my heart for gratitude are quite deadened to the feeling; I really should be more thankful that:

~ That I still have a family I call my own. My parents, though they are aging, are still strong and in great vigor despite recurring diseases. That my siblings are in tip-top shapes and are doing well with their own career and families.

~ I am thankful that I feel I’m being loved; there's no need to divert my loneliness to bad habits or destructive behaviors.

~ That I am free from pain every time I wake up. Thousands upon thousands did not survive the night,

~ Even though I am not satisfied with my work, I am thankful that it pays the bills. I have the capacity to share financially and have the ability to buy the essentials like foods and clothing. And even though I hate to pay my tax, it only means that I have a steady income.

~ Even though my belly is quite getting a lump and me getting plump (aaargh), it only means that I am deriving nourishment from the food that I eat.

~ That there’s a place I go home after work and a good bed that I can rest on. Clean water to use and good natured housemates to live with.

~ That I am able to read (or write); to see little miracles brought about by new mornings; to feel familiar sensations; to be able to hear and appreciate music, melodies from nature and silent whispers of the heart; to appreciate beauty (or not); the ability to think and voice my concern; the freedom to choose my faith, my leaders and my attitude.

~ And finally, I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to be heard and the chance to influence my circle of friends.

OK, I’m feeling better now.

Whoah! I really feel better now; it’s good to write what you are thankful for because you will realize that indeed you are being blessed by the Good Lord. (And I think there are still more to be thankful for)


Now, its your turn!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I. Typhoon Paeng paid a visit in our province

A. Our house was flooded

B. My college bro was panicky

C. It took them a day to get rid of the mud stuck inside our home

II. Floods like these are the direct result of:

A. Legal and illegal loggers

B. Department of Environment who approved their license to loot the mountain

C. Corrupt government officials
C.1. Congressmen
C.2. Governors
C.3. Board Members
C.4. Mayors

III. I went out to watch Open Season

A. The movie is funny

B. Many people missed the good punch lines
B.1. I was the only one laughing
B.2. They think I'm weird

IV. Ideas on Charter Change

A. If the same people will be installed
A.1. Forget it
A.2. What a waste of Money
A.3. Beg foreign friends to take me with them

V. Met with a fellow blogger a couple of days ago
A. A great fellow
B. I think I'm a little bit talkative at that time
B.1 He thinks so too
C. It was fun
C.1. I think so!

VI. Random Quote: No public interest is anything other or nobler than a massed accumulation of private interests. - Mark Twain

VII. More to come

VIII. Goodbye
adopt your own virtual pet!