Thursday, September 28, 2006

When English is more than words

The following pix came from an email I received from my sister and I would just like to share it with you guys. With the current typhoon we have where it wreck havoc in most of Metro Manila, it's good to have a good laugh once in a while.

To the readers who are not from this country, please note that Philippines is the third largest speaking nation in the world (as we claim)...but...well...ahhhh...ummmmm...the photos will speak for themselves.

Ummm...I thinks it's 'bed sheet.' Boy, I wouldn't trade any kind of shit for that matter hehe!

Wow, finally an edible shirt! But I bet you might get diabetes when you will try this one.

Whattabout a 'bicycle', would you allow it to enter the premises?

A retiner? Dat es like a bres in yor teeth, rayt?

CANVERS! Shoes made to last.

But I applaud the Management for its sheer audacity to write and POST its own rules for the people to see. And yeah, these are rules to be follows...
****insert clapping emoticons here***

Monday, September 25, 2006

Of Songs and Melodies

Just imagine the world without music and probably we will be shedding tears for sheer boredom. Whatever genre we belong, either were into RnB, classical or heaven forbid novelty songs, nothing beats the freedom to listen to soothing sounds. May it be reading a book or doing our work or even exercising, music adds flavor to our otherwise bland existence.

Well, I was tagged so you might as well delete my first paragraph. It is just but a lame attempt to segue my point hehehe!

As requested, the following are my se7en 'current' favorite songs:

~ Far Away/Someday/Saving Me All by Nickelback (C'mon it's the same band, so I classified them as ONE song... gimme a break)

~ Reason Enough by Regine Velasquez

~ Completely by Christian Bautista

~ Where Did my Heart Go by James Ingram

~ I Fall All Over Again by Dan Hill

~ Can't Fight this Feeling by REO Speedwagon

~ Why Don't You and I by Santana

...So, you might be thinking at this time that I'm such a hopeless romantic as the songs that I drool over are mostly love songs. Give the guy a little slack because I still blush when I hear Dan Hill or James Ingram...drifting me into a faraway, long-time ago moments with my first crushes or even my first...[feel in the blanks]

And I do come with my own song backgrounds.

Yes! We remember people and places when a song was being played, nudging us back to downtown MemoryVille. That is why when I hear one of my choice songs...I can't help but to stop and be still, burrowing deep behind my thoughts and taste once again the unique experience I almost forgot.

My four month old Nephew, Gian Marco.

I wonder how this little guy will dance to the rhythm of life.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Forgotten Moments

Once in a while, it's so good to get away from the city and reacquaint with the essentials. I did that for a couple of days. I went home to the province to attend my niece's first birthday. It’s just happened to be that I was allowed to file for a vacation leave amidst the critical period at work.

I liken my visit to my family as a battery recharge. To feel energize with the nonsensical talks. To rediscover old navigate familiar roads and to celebrate small milestones.

I do believe in the saying that “Life revolves around great moments wrapped in very simple packages." How true, with the fast paced lifestyle in the city, we seldom forget the little the smell of a freshly cut grass or how the sun lights up a room...the way a child smile...the flutter of a butterfly or the subtle kiss of the morning wind.

These are the great solitary moments we often overlook and take for granted. We frequently associate FUN with bright lights and pulsating music, CONTENTMENT with material possessions and HAPPINESS with the people we are with.

By being able to snatch and enjoy simple moments, I am confident that no borders or boundaries can take away my freedom to soar to greater heights because I will know that just far below, a light will always lead me back home.

Have a great weekend Everyone!

Monday, September 18, 2006

On Being a Christian Nation

We have the same thoughts as FilAmGuy. If we as a nation are REALLY Christians, living out loud the basic tenets of being one, then we should have curbed corruptions, crimes and conflicts. We are disillusioned people shrouding in the veil of religion. Oh, how my blood boil when the politicians and the so called messengers of God convene in the church for a protest mass. What a bunch of self-serving hypocrites.

In line with this, the ULITIMATE goal of the self-proclaimed ministers of God must be the holistic spiritual well being of their flock. If the followers indeed derive enlightment from their teachings, then it is just but logical to presume that there will be a positive paradigm shift of actions... but I digress. Still, many "elders" are trying their best to be part of the already smeared political scenery. Even Christ didn't refute the authority whom God established on earth. Remember the verse “Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's."

Political and Religious rallies goes hand in hand these days. If we are indeed Christians, we should realize that God is the sole player in nation building.

Romans 13:1 states:

"Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God."

But sadly, many "religious" and overzealous people are cramming up every political rally ranting every unimaginable and demeaning mantra to the official they want to oust. Do we even consider that God too has a say on WHO will sit in the office?

Now, we are questioning why on earth this country, a very religious nation as we claim, being pulled down by sheer poverty and corruption.

Look around…the answer is under our noses.

I will leave you with this verse, a very timely one

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place. "(2Chronicles 7:14-15 )

‘nuff said.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

100 Post...and counting

It's my 100th post [insert clapping emoticon here.]

I discovered 'blogger' through my American ex-pat friend, John, who chronicled his peace corps volunteering in this country. The word 'blog' for me before was as insignificant as Philippine politics but man, I never thought that blogging is as addictive as a hot cup of brewed coffee.

Through this site, I have come to discover many facets of people (and I mean GREAT people) around the globe.


UK - Hanni and Buffy

Bulgaria - Trevor

Canada - Vic, Don and Dawn

US of A - AceIan, David, Doc, Grampa Tom, James, LIW, Rho-anne, Rob, Roxanne, Suzy and VegasFilAmGuy

Philippines - Alternati, Atticus, Bong, Carey, Cruise, Dennis, Gbert, Ice, Iskoo, Jairam, Jin, Karol, Neil, SQ, snglguy, Tin2, Tin-Tin and Ymir

Singapore - Arkitek Rey

New Zealand - Jared

Ok, ok, ok, its blogrolling gone wild...but you guys are one of the reasons I want to wake up each morning and drag myself to work. You've opened up your life and thoughts willingly and to be read by 'moi.' This is something that I always find fulfilling because I know that I'm not that screwed up as I thought I were, you guys are much of a hairball than I am hahaha.

Kiddin’ aside ****cough! no I'm not****, I'm lucky that despite the apparent disparity...nothing bridges like a common interest. No one is as far at all.

And by that, I hope that another set of a hundred will come in the offing.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

MasterCard Expanded

Assuming an intelligent, great looking lady fell in love with a guy- very attractive mid 20 yuppie. They managed to build a home of their own and after six years of marriage, three kids are already running around the house. Due to house chores and rearing the children, the woman altogether stopped working from a prestigious firm and gained a lot of pounds from making a career out of motherhood.

The man, still looking very attractive and very dignified, is doing something many men are secretly doing--having an extra curricular affair. He is madly pursuing a very attractive woman from his office. He thought that as long as he is providing food in the table, attend the 'daddy obligation' and still going home with his wife, he can be classified in the society as the good man-in-the-house.

The woman, after years of being a mother, was still doing all her best to please her hubby. Though her beauty is fading, traces of the what-have-been is still visible from her expanding body. She heard rumors that her husband is doing something fishy but shoved it off as a gossip.

A year passed and unexpectedly, the man said "I don't love you anymore. I met someone else. I want a divorce."

The woman was shattered into pieces but cannot do anything but to comply. She got their home and their children and bade the man away with only tears in her eyes. The man started a whole life with a new bride and a new home. He is never been happier.

The woman, looking in the mirror, discovered her inner strength and her inner beauty. She decided to get back the years she lost. She applied for a job, got in and rose to ranks while juggling being a father and mother to her three kids.

The pounds were shed and after months of continuous exercises, she is the woman she had been and she had hoped for—a woman honed with real life experiences and sharpened with downright self accomplishment.

While walking inside a restaurant for a corporate meeting, wearing a very striking attire, she saw her ex-husband with his eyes wide opened.

She taught:

Gym Membership : $100

Red Dress : $150

Reaction from a good-for-nothing, ass wipe, jerkaholic ex-husband:


Yeah, yeah, a quasi MasterCard thing again!

Moral of the story: I don't know. I just have the 'writer’s block' at this sue me hehe!

Monday, September 11, 2006

We Remember 9/11

It's poignant to think about the lives of the people who died during that day.

Ordinary people who just want to get the day over with and come home after work.

Many, perhaps, planned how they are going to spend the night: Having the long awaited first date or being able to be alone with the spouse or playing with the kids or simply having a good read after a tiring day.

But…all was an echo of a plan that never happened. Deafening silence that occupied the heart of those who was left behind.

It's funny to think that the papers and documents flying and littering across the streets during the attack, which was so important or classified hours before, seemed so worthless after. How a single event can change the importance of an item. Or the obsession of climbing the proverbial corporate ladder freezes after realizing how delicate the thread of one's own existence.

Yet, we remember those fathers and mothers who weren't able to come home.

To those children who were stripped from the love of a father or a mother.

And to those friends and families who are still mourning for their loss.

Yes! We remember

Saturday, September 09, 2006

How can a 40 peso bill be the best investment I had so far?

After work, I yearned to get out from the office with that thought of watching a good series on TV! I was thinking about pampering my night with a cup of coffee and finish it off with a good read.

I was wrong.

Our block was flooded yesterday (yep, rain had something to do with it) but also it was a simple sewerage problem that the City engineers haven't figured out for sooo long. I don't know! Even our taxes are complaining where they are being appropriated to. Whatever the case, flood--even if it is just a heel length, is major pain in the butt.

Pedicab* drivers were in seemingly good mood, in contrast from the swarm of stranded, tired and catatonic people, because opportunities like these only come in rare order and boy! did they charge with skyrocketing fee for their services.

At that time, I can give all the money from my wallet...I just wanna go home. But have thought also, I wouldn't budge in; paying a hefty sum of money is not practical. No way!

I waited for four long hours standing 500 meters away from our home. Never did I realize the true concept of "how near yet so faaar!"

While waiting for the flood to dissipate (like it will gonna...and it didn't after 7 hours), I have come to observe that Filipinos are indeed resilient. Many of whom still have the nerve to laugh and used that moment to socialize with individuals they've only met. I never heard anyone whining about the situation (well, I think I was the only one complaining).

It's true, to fight a major battle and triumph over it is virtuous, but to live everyday amongst minor nuances require a strong spirit.

Now, how can a 40 peso bill be the best investment I had so far?

I had tasted its return immediately in sums of happiness and sheer relaxation.

Well, I persuaded one pedicab driver--one hesitant driver to be exact, to drive me home. And he did!

I have never felt so much excitement going home. To burrow my feet into the warm sheet of my bed and toss my head to my fluffy pillow. And shucks! I love these moments.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

* to those who are not in the Philippines, it resembles a trike

Makati City during the break of dawn as seen from the window of our office.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ma Galerie de Couleurs Gaspillées

Fine Arts was my first love but I doubt it in my mind if choosing that career can pay the bills, so I opted for a degree in Accounting instead, which also doesn’t pay that much (talking about irony hehe!) I was never taught at all and everything I learned was painstakingly a self taught experience. Through diligence and a weird childhood, I have come to discover the wonderful world of Renault, Van Gogh and Wyeth (yep, all dead artist)

There’s a freedom with each stroke of colors; recreating clarity from a vision is almost divine. Through arts, I believe I have touched the hands of God and through the splatter of paints and pastels, a world of bliss come alive.

Please give me a slack because these paintings were done when I was still in high school (around 15-16 or so). So those gurus out there who have stumbled around here, give me a break will ya!

Yellow Bird: Watercolor on paper circa 1998

Madonna Circa 1999

The Doe Circa 1999

People Dancing Circa (I don't know. ) I think I did this when I was still in elementary

So there it goes

Regrettably, since I don’t have the time to this anymore because of my due laziness (blame my work for that), I am letting go of something essential, a passion that once flourished my thoughts and dreams.

I should paint more…

Monday, September 04, 2006

Random Musing

~ A certain guy in our office, a very homely fellow (not to sound conceited), commented on how a woman MUST look like to pass his standards. He vividly described in demeaning details the qualities that his woman must have. My eyes just rolled and my stomach churned when I glanced his face. If I was a woman, he will be lucky if I’m within his peripheral vision.

~ Whoever thought that adding ‘women’ as one of the vices of man is one hell of a raging bastard. Women, Booze and Cigarette: The three main combo for an average Joe. That’s really unfair, don’t you think.

~ When buddies extrapolate their carnal adventures with woman like a big open season hunt, the first thing that comes to my mind is the way their mother’s brought them up…and after that, pity to the one who will fall and marry these knuckleheads.

~ Sometimes, its women’s fault that they were treated without an ounce of respect. Gurls! Not because you have it, you flaunt it…and darn, you do know how to flaunt it. And if men will whistle and drool, you act *** with two finger snaps *** as if you haven’t thought that wearing a shirt with a plunging neckline or a skirt the size of a bonnet will not cause a time warp for the testosterone infested co-specie.

~ Many married men act as if they are still single and women… are in dire need to buy a clue. If your boyfriend has secrets the size of pentagon, good chances are he is either gay or married, and he being gay is a far far better option.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


So basically, I spent my birthday at the office—working.

No party

No Beer


Of all the time, September 01 was the busiest.

I went home after my shift, ate a meager dinner at a nondescript resto and read a book.

Celebration will come later.

So I guess, I’m just getting older, more responsibility, more accountability.

…but still THANK YOU dear blogmates for the greetings! You all know how to make an 'old man' smile.

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