Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Shrink

I was tagged by Carey and here it goes:

5 Things That Happened Because of Blogging

1. Blogging is my Shrink. Like many guys out there, it's very therapeutic in the sense that I can release fed up feelings, rant things I really can't say out loud and provide an avenue for my mind to wander. After all, we are still humans who desire to be heard.

2. I have met and known great people through blogging. Unlike MySpace or Friendster which basically flaunts physical characteristics and glorify beauty above all else, blogging twists the common thread by being an outlet for people who wants to tear down superficiality. Who cares if you have nose like a pug or a leg the size of an SUV. What matters is “Do you have something to say?” and what you say in here (maybe insignificant to some) really matter!

3. It is by writing that I allow my soul to pour out and travel the world without restriction. This is actually the craft that I rarely expect to come out from me. An ignorant of the English language since time in memoriam, who just happened to be persistent by speaking and writing crooked English (thanks to my Dad who pushed me to do it) and lo! My literature professor actually thinks that I can write. Hmm, the power of my charm hehe! Seriously though, I love having to write something…create stories from the bowels of my mixed up mind and being understood later. That’s I think is the power of the pen—or keyboard, technically speaking.

4. I love to read. I dunno about you guys but I bet that most of the bloggers salivate every time they see words together that perfectly fits a coherent idea. I always have the “AHA” moment when I read entries from my fellow bloggers. Man, you guys are good in presenting ordinary moments in a new light add up the humor, above average wit and sarcasm and encouraging words of wisdom—there you go, blogging at its best.

5. Lastly, by being true to myself, I unknowingly touch someone else’s life. We share the same experiences to a certain degree and it feels good to know that I am being understood without the fear of being judged. It is a consoling fact also that I am not alone in this adventure and some have the same obstacle or road block that I currently experience.

When I was in the crossroad, you guys offered company.

Hand in my heart: THANKS!


Funny Joke:

I’m not a dinosaur…I’m not, I’M NOT


Wednesday, January 24, 2007


"How's work?"

"Doing good!"

"How's your Christmas and New Year back in the province?

"It was great. I had fun with my fam!"

"Man, his voice is annoying" Pointing to a guy who hollers beside a jeepney.

"It's like he's in helium"

*mild chuckle*
It's funny that we have no more things to say to each other. What remained is an awful one liner question and answer which only prompts a mediocre response.

Before, we talk (or I talk) a mile an hour and blurt out anything that prompts our tiny neurons. No awkward moments like from above.

I know that we are still friends but as our meeting became rarer and rarer, I feel that we are loosing whatever connection we had.

I hope not. Sayang naman!


Funny Text Messages:

Husband: When I get mad at you, you never fight back! How do you control your anger?

Wife: I clean the toilet bowl.

Husband: How does that help?

Wife: I use your tootbrush.


Thought from Gary Lising:

When I die, I want to die like my lolo--who died peacefully in his sleep; not screaming like all the passengers in the bus he was driving!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Favorite Moments

1. Gentle breeze that silently cover your body after a satisfying hot bath.

2. A good and simple conversation with a buddy over a cup of steaming coffee.

3. Reading an engrossing book while everybody is asleep.

4. Smell of freshly baked breads wafting in the air.

5. Silent purr of my cat while he sleeps on my chest.

6. Watching the glory of the sunrise.

7. Stone skimming.

8. Watching my parents talk and laugh.

9. An unexpected text message (or an email) from a long lost friend.

10. A long, silent walk from a long day.

11. Gentle falling of leaves.

12. The light reflecting on a glass painting inside a cathedral.

13. Baby's unconditional smile.

14. Scent of freshly washed clothes.

15. The moons blue light kissing a starless night.

16. Waking up and hearing mild laughters during the morning.

17. Walking beside the isle of fresh fruits in the mall.

18. Christmas--everything about it.

19. An unsolicited smile from my crush.

20. Soft scent of a baby powder.

21. When the light turns green on a heavy traffic.

22. Sincere hug.

23. Rain puddles.

24. Bright, cauliflower clouds that slowly drifts across a pale blue sky.

25. Every 15th and 30th--paycheck time ***hehehe***

Friday, January 12, 2007

Those Darn Codes

“Kindly check if they already did the GR!”

“The parked documents should be removed as they will clear the OCR this week.”

“You should ask the buyer to increase the PO and put an X mark on the payment tab!”

“By next week, we should have done the MRBR.”

“Look in the MIR4, you will find what you’re looking for”

“FK03, M23N, FBLIN, ZOCR08…….”


I don’t know if I am too stupid to learn all these stuffs because oh boy, I’m as lost as a kid who went to New York alone. This new job that I’ve been praying for all these time gives me a shock. I MUST be familiar with all those darn codes…codes that are quite a catch to memorize given the fact that it makes no sense.

You see, I’m those people who must know the WHY first before I can fully grasp its whole meaning. My method of learning since I was kid was to have the bird’s eye view…apart from that, I literally sweat out nerves. They just tell me that I must use this and that but were too busy to explain the rationale behind.

I love the challenge though but it seems that my superiors expect me to know all these stuffs…NOW!!

HELLOOOOO Give the new guy a bloody break!

I’m sorry for ranting but I think I will have a nervous breakdown. The guy that I replaced went to the Netherlands to train and he left me six months of pending invoices not to mention that I have current workload to juggle. I’m barely a month in this job but I feel I’ve aged since.

Oh, well! I asked for it , didn’t I?


BLOG BUDDIES: Just in case I wasn’t able to post regularly or visit your own blogs, still, THANK YOU for you who have dropped their bread crumbs behind and continually checks if I’m still in existence.

You always make my day.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

They think they knew...

Many self-proclaimed prophets are going to have (or having) their 15 minutes of fame during the first part of this month with all their blah blah’s about what’s going to happen for the rest of the year.

For instance, they will cite that a starlet will have an affair with actor Y and that Actor X will sire a child. I watched with disdain and have thought, "to what planet did I come from that I’m going to care about the carnal affairs of celebrities. " NEXT!

Or, they will predict that:

1. Strong storms will visit the archipelago (major DUH)

2. Earthquakes, too (Hellooo, we’re in the Pacific Ring of Fire)

3. Fire will broke (gimme a friggin’ break)

4. A prominent official will be ousted (Da who, La Gloria? fresh news eh!)

5. A celebrity couple will split (again, who cares)

The Election will continue despite opposition (to which again I don’t care and to which I think is pretty much obvious)

What I’m waiting for these blabber mouths is to state the SPECIFIC name, actual casualties, the degree and latitude of its location and when will it happen.

To counteract any skeptics and the proliferation of an ounce of intelligence, they would declare that “God will ultimately decide.” BUT OF COURSE you bunch of dolts!

Personally, I consider all these trash talk irrelevant. The likes of Madam Auring and her minions are the reason Senator Jingoy Estrada or Lito Lapid can make movies and join the senate.
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