Thursday, June 29, 2006

just a thought

I watched Superman Returns last night and true to its claim, it was a definite eye popping experience.

The scene that stuck on my head was this scene:

Superman asked Lois to go with him. She hesitated a bit but was convinced to “fly” along in the process. They flew high above the city and all they could see was the tiny speck of lights from the bustling metropolis below them. Superman asked if she can hear anything and Lois said “no.” Then he uttered that even that far, he can hear people crying for help.

I liken this scene to my own wanting and vents…I know I’m being heard by the Almighty! Even how minuscule or insignificant my tirades may seem, all of these thoughts or bursting words passed to His ears. It’s a comfort to know that I’m being heard...and sometimes, that’s all I really need. be heard!

As a Nickelback fan, I am impressed with their music videos especially with this one. In the Bible, it speaks about numbering our days and the concept of this music video is patterned to that divine insight. True, our life is just but a drop in the bucket and what we do to the entirety of our existence depends not on the amount of wealth we amass but on the number of lives we have touched or changed.

Like what they said, it’s not the number of years that counts most in life… it’s the life in those years that matter.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

harsh judgment

There’s an issue in this country right now about American GIs who supposedly raped a Filipina last November 2005. The case was still under process and the verdict, which I’m quite sure, will create a total media chaos.

At first, being a condemnatory retard that I am, I concluded that the victim was just creating an exposure or something. I have thought also that she was a prostitute and a woman of questionable character because why would a decent woman would let herself be in the company of five men—foreigner for that matter, in the wee hours of the night.

But based on the investigation, which an American GI whom she was a good friend with counteract the claims of his fellow GI’s that the victim willingly had a consensual sex with them, all the presumptions that I thought of her before was now gone. I believe in her credibility now that she was indeed raped and it made me a little bit ashamed to myself that I put a very harsh judgment on her character without weighing the evidence.

It’s not good that we, at some point, have become so jaded and tend to look beyond compassion. We made harsh judgment to other people without batting an eye, whether it’s just a simple rumor or plain gossip. Shameful indeed!

With regard to the media and the militant group covering the event, I just don’t understand why they put so much emphasis on this particular issue. Was it because it involves American soldiers and the attention that it will brew will cause an instant sympathy? What about those women who are constantly battling sexual abuses by their fathers or brothers or those who were being raped on daily basis? Why were not they represented by a competent court or given the necessary public exposure? Was it because they are just ordinary Filipinos that don’t cause the media to hyperventilate?

Why the double standard?

If they are really concerned about the holistic change…of stopping the sadistic treatment of women, then they should not look far enough because thousands are already suffering in front of their noses.

…just thinking aloud.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Why is it that the more we want something, the more it become elusive?

The more we pray that it will happen, the more we have to wait?

In Paolo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist, he speaks about conquering our deepest desires and he pondered that “the universe will conspire to make it happen.” He also pointed out that the deeper we want our dreams realized, the harder the trials we must face. Kind of like a test if we are worthy of that claim.

Those who had given up easily or those who withdrew the battle early on will suffer the most failure…

In retrospect, his writing may proved true. Those people who have gambled most of their lives in search for their dreams will ultimately reap the greatest triumph. They are those who went outside their comfort zones, suffered loneliness and personal battles and rise up to succeed.

Now then...what are you willing to give up just to materialize your dream?

Saturday, June 24, 2006


My fondest moment was nestled in my memory when I was only seven years old. This particular scene always crossed my mind every time the feeling of exhaustion paid an unprecedented visit.

Being born and raised in the country (when the internet was still a concept and electric iron is a rich man’s vanity) what we used to iron our clothes was the conventional iron with the burning coal.

This was the scene:

It was past eight in the evening. I was safely tucked in my bed and my mom was a meter away ironing our clothes. The local radio station was on and the nightly radio drama was playing. My eyes are now heavy as I was observing my mom tweak the coal inside the iron and carefully wiping the sides of the iron with a banana leaf . I asked my mom an animated question and she just smiled. The smell from the burnt leaf was so soothing and I closed my eyes... satisfied.

I just don’t get the reason why this particular memory was stuck in my head for almost 17 years now. In my whole life, I never felt so secured and satisfied. If I can only contain that moment and relive it all over again, I will do it in a heartbeat.

Funny to think that my most treasured moment was not from those flashy experiences like finding my first job or my college graduation. It’s this insignificant parcel of a night when a mundane work and a normal sleeping pattern conspired to make a treasured snapshot of heaven.

Maybe heaven is like that… simple photographs of ordinary moments made to last.

…just thinking aloud

Friday, June 23, 2006

Random Thoughts

  • I usually read the end part of any book before starting to read it from the start.
  • I prefer coffee than tea. Tea leaves a bad after taste
  • I don’t eat any poultry or fish which I saw living/moving a couple of hours before serving
  • I can’t sleep without brushing my teeth.
  • I never as in ever will buy boxer shorts. I prefer briefs. The purpose of that garment is to hold my thingee in one place. What’s the purpose if you are feeling something is dangling between your legs!
  • I can sleep with the lights on.
  • The soap that I use on my butt is the same soap I use on my face.
  • When I’m stressed or depressed, unlike many people that I know of, I have the tendency to starve myself because my appetite just isn’t working.
  • Every time someone is smoking beside me, I’m picturing myself strangling him in his throat.
  • I prefer cats than dogs. Cats are independent creatures which makes them more attractive than dogs.
  • I don’t like to be photographed…I’d rather be the person taking and tweaking the photos rather than the subject.
  • Loyalty is my utmost quality when finding friendship…or relationship for that matter.
  • I tend to watch how the mouth moves rather than focusing on the person’s whole face while he is talking.
  • I have low boredom threshold.

playing "extra"

I have read that many great people before us like Einstein or Newton or Fleming had discovered their life’s purpose at an early age. They have come to tread the path that was given to them and they did it very well!

Well, philosophically speaking, if at this stage, I haven’t done anything significant to contribute to the overall goodness of the human tribe, then I might as well conclude that this is my purpose—to seat in front of the computer and work hehehe!

Kidding aside, does the Almighty only choose special people to do great things or great work? What about “us” who work behind the scene? Are we to conclude then that even how minute our contributions are, this is our life’s purpose?

Consider those big budgeted movies like Titanic or Ben-Hur where millions were cast to play the “extras”. They were all nameless and faceless characters –easily forgotten by the glittering names of the main cast of the movie.

As much I don’t want to, I think I’m just an extra to this life’s great movie.

And I’m not at all alone…

Myriad of people that I came across everyday though shielded by half-smiles and twinkling eyes, wear all the same faces of loneliness, apathy and exhaustion. All have personal battles to share and all have attempted to search for their real purpose.

I guess all of us have dreamt of becoming “big” someday. To cure the world’s illnesses or battle poverty, even composed a great song to be remembered for ages…I believe these dreams are not at all wrong because we know, with a little doze of naiveté, we can realized our visions and materialize our dreams.

Though I know and have surmised that perhaps all I am and all I will be is to play the smallest role… I am still taking the challenge and be the best “extra” this world has ever known. Who knows, that is the only part that was meant for me.

If I can gear my life the way it was meant to be ...then one life made a difference!

…just thinking aloud.

Monday, June 19, 2006


I hate smoking and puffing one doesn’t make you cool!

I don’t judge the people who do and I know how much effort one will go through to kick the habit alone. But I always wonder how can a reasonable individual waste away a hefty sum of money to puff something that causes cancer and bad breath. I just don’t get the logic of it. It’s like taking a poison in a miniscule quantity everyday but each day accumulates into years and soon, you are coughing a green wad of phlegm and still wondering what’s wrong with your system.

Even if my father is a smoker, (because kids at early age will surmised that it’s OK to smoke) which he is not, thank God! I am still confident that I won’t puff my life away. Thousands of pamphlets and information alone and not to mention personal experiences will bind my hands from twirling a cigarette between my fingers.

Well, this is my logic to this habit: A cigarette in this country cost two pesos per stick. A regular guy will puff at least 5 per day (conservative approach). So, that is roughly 10 pesos per day multiply by 30 days. In a month that habit will cost you 300 pesos. In a year’s time, you will accumulate a pretty cool sum of 3600 pesos just for puffing away nicotine. Assuming you have that habit for 10 years…just imagine how much money you are throwing away. Well, in 10 years time, you might have forgotten that your lungs will have more craters than the moon and have wilted like a prune, and if heaven is merciful, you haven’t got a cancer yet. Now, consider how much money you are throwing for your medication…hmmmm!

I was pondering the other day how narrow minded this government stands with regard to cigarette smoking. Yes, I am pretty sure that they get a lot of excise taxes from tobacco companies but considering the amount of money they funnel to the Department of Health to treat tuberculosis and cigarette induced diseases. The benefits that they derive from these companies is a far cry from the cost they are incurring to combat the after effects of cigarette smoking.

Seems a stupid trade off (and I can’t emphasize that more)!

If I was or will be the President, I will totally tax these companies in a way that will pop their eyes off and the only way for them to remove the red numbers out from their ledgers is to stop their business.

...just thinking aloud!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Real Men...Real Dad's

How can you write something to a person who basically shaped your life? Or how can a handful of words justify his importance?

Ever since my Dad had a stroke last year, I have come to accept that he is not the father I used to know. Greatly did the disease affect his speech and once a great conversationalist now became a passive listener. Once a very active man now confined to his own thoughts and his own world. Once a very patriarchal husband now relies on the guidance of his devoted wife.

The hardest part for every sons or daughters I believe is to witness their parents grow weaker every year. Aging is inevitable. Like every ones life, their season of fall is in the offing.

My Dad has shares of flaws and issues that could fill up a TIME magazine but each imperfections come an undeniable truth that he is the best father I could ask for. I may not be the man that I am now if not for his altruistic sacrifices and selfless love that he willingly poured out since I was a kid. He knows his single most priority, and I damn sure that it is us.

Because of him, I have come to know God. That He will always be my guidepost even if he is not around anymore.

Because of him, I realized that real strength lies within my heart not in my hands. That people will always disappoints me but my strength of character will always show each time I hit my lowest points.

Because of him, I know I’m being loved.

He embodied what a father must be like: Firm but gentle, strong but kind, a towering figure but a kneeling soul.

What I missed most was our lengthy conversations. He encouraged me to speak my thoughts out loud. We may have agreed to disagree but as the father that he is, he always reprimands when I’m getting out of line.

If I could only bring back the time when we talk about life in general, when he shared his thoughts to me, when he voiced out his frustrations … when he lead our morning prayers. But now, all I hear is a resounding silence from his lonely world. Weary eyes that want to convey his two cents but couldn’t…

If only... I would give all!

To you Dad, life couldn’t be more complete if it wasn’t you.

Everybody can be a father but not everybody can be a dad!

Happy Father’s Day!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Payday Millionaire

Every payday (15th and 30th of each month) many people are seemingly occupying the greater space at the mall. I remember swerving my way through the sea of people on one of this particular days and I can’t help but to smile because majority were glowing. I know it’s justifiable to be jubilant. But many were not considering the value of thriftiness. They spend away their hard earned cash with accumulating and amassing the latest fashion trends and gadgets. Well I’m talking in generality of course. The funny thing is after the fine dining and endless shopping ceased, faces that were stuck with the smiley logo few days ago are slowly transforming into a worry wart…waiting in vain for the next 15 days.

I can only smile!

Ever since I’m earning, I tried to live my life as simple as possible. Of course I do the occasional shopping but I do it out of necessity or need not out of wants. I may have the latest brands on hand but if my financial condition is borderline broke then what’s the point? What matters is your net worth. I believe that everyone must live according to their means. If you are earning a beer salary, make it sure that you must not live a champagne lifestyle.

Well…just thinking aloud!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Language 101

Most of you know that I’m a Filipino and thus English is just my second language…so once in while you may discover some grammar slips across my posts and I apologize in any case. I have come to love the English language way back in my elementary years because it offers so many descriptions or metaphors to words that can hardly be expressed in my native tongue. This doesn’t mean of course that I am trashing away my roots but to most of you who doesn’t know about this simple trivia, the Philippines is ranked as third largest English speaking nation across the globe so basically we grew up embracing this foreign language.

The hardest part of being a bilingual is to face every conversation with at least a handful amount of different vocabularies from two different languages. Here in the Philippines, every conversation composed mostly of “Taglish”—Tagalog which is our national tongue and English. I’m hard pressed speaking in full Tagalog every time I talk because there are certain words that can only be used in English and at the same time, though I’m fluent in English, there are moments I caught myself from dissecting my thoughts and digging appropriate words to be used. Not to mention that I can also speak Ilocano, my native tongue from the place I grew up in. So, yeah, I’m a tri-lingual hahaha! In any case, it seems that I’m just a confused child learning to talk.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Random Thoughts

  • I like watching the sun crawl under the mass of clouds during dusk…it made me think that a good day is yet to unravel again.
  • I love watching people in the park walk aimlessly. It’s as if for one single moment people just don’t care about trivial problems.
  • I love the feeling of cold air wrapping my body after a warm bath.
  • I always yearn a quite walk after work.
  • I am very, very intimidated with women who like me. I feel like I’m being pigeonholed with their stares. Oh! How I wish to run from these situations.
  • Sometimes I talk without thinking and it bothers me so much that I can not retrieve the words that have been said.
  • I don’t look at casket every chance I pass one by.
  • I love to witness a warm embrace made by friends, lovers or families. It leaves a complete satisfaction that the world has still something good to offer.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

chances are...

Last weekend, while my buddies and I were at the mall, something happened that I only wished happened to me before…when I was alone and had the capacity to muster enough courage.

Well, I have been dreaming of this girl before. She was an acquaintance and we had a few casual conversations but when the review class ended a couple of years ago, that ended our budding friendship as well.

She was mainly the heroine of my daily post in my diary (way back when there were no blogsites) and a recurring ingredient of my dreams. There was something in her that magnetized my whole soul into delving into snapshots of daydreams and I have already built my own universe of happy memories unbeknownst to her.

Every day, as long as I can remember, I have this habit of scanning people’s faces with that wishful thinking that I could take a glance of her beautiful face. I kept on believing that one day I will see her again.

…and fate has a sick humor. When my guards are down, she popped her way into my life when I wasn’t even thinking of her that day.

My buddy and I were chatting endlessly that afternoon and I saw her. With her green plaid clothes, beautiful as ever. Our eyes met but I doubt that she remembered me…I feel like the world stops at that moment and all I can feel is the way she strides pass through me. Corny as it sounds but I feel the weight of my body collapsing into my jelly feet. I’ve been waiting that day to happen and funny to recount that things expected will fit into the most unexpected time.

I wished I had gathered my strengths to talk to her and maybe she will remember (or not) but that chance will not happen again, I think…


Thursday, June 08, 2006


Underneath the dawn's gleaming power,
Is a tear rolling down my cheek.
An empty space throbbing each hour;
A suppressed voice wanting to soar and seek.

A single hope amidst the barren night,
Cracked ablaze within me.
But looking through this soundless sight,
Wont drench my soul with its beauty.

I hear not the breathing calmness of life
Of subtle subsistence and awakening.
Within my being I cuddled to strife,
The phase of hoping and drudging.

The dawn that once roused my heart,
Is now drowned in the stream of exhaustion.
Even If I try, I couldnt start,
To defend a rowdy fight from reason.

Im now weary to face the rising sun,
And wretched to glance or follow.
Another day, another life has just begun,
A meek struggle for yesterdays tomorrow.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


These two paintings are my two favorite works which was made a couple of years ago...when I had still time to sit still and release my creative juices. The first one which I called "Beyond" is about a little girl's dream of conquering her own world. The "Lion" is my admiration for the feline family.

Friday, June 02, 2006

If Tomorrow is a Promise

This was my first attempt to write a short story. I had this made when I was still a managing editor of our Univeristy Paper. Hope you will like it.



It was the clearest sky on a mid-September dusk and the violet haze spreading like a water color seemed like a curtain that caresses a wishful dream. A hundred feet up was a plane flying across the crimson sun, taking away dreams, hopes, fears, and longings. On the airport below amidst the deafening sound of wind turbines, of planes coming in and out, and of busy crewman attending the frenzy, there stands Jerry, looking far beyond the clouds, searching the sky and wondering. There was stillness in his heart and an assurance of a beckoning hope…that someday, she will find her way back to him.


Jerry is a typical guy working on a prestigious advertising firm. His good looks and impeccable charisma are his tools for sweeping women around. A real head turner on a one to ten basis but an undergrad for commitment and relationship. He likes his job a lot and basically worked his way up trough the corporate ladder. Heck! What he likes best about it are the women, who with a flick of his finger practically throw themselves to him. Everyday at dawn before going to his work, he spends a quiet time strolling around the city park, usually with a cup of coffee on his right hand, a bagel on the other and a walkman clutched to his sweat pants to complete his get up. He never had the slightest clue that this day, his heart will have its first beat.


He found a wooden bench facing a miniature pond and the reflection of the exploding morning nailed the contrasting color of trees. His cell went wild. “Yeah!” he said, expecting the morning call from Martha, his secretary.

“Good morning Sir, the account on Mc. Gillis was just cancelled and there will be a meeting at ten .Mr. Brody left a note yesterday telling you…no commanding you to stop by his office this afternoon.” She momentarily paused, as if trying to decipher if Jerry was still there. Martha is a straight forward forty something spinster with a personality of a controlled freak nanny, and that’s what Jerry really liked about her, an assistant with a mind of its own.

“The account on…” she continued and Jerry was busy digesting the information she just brought. He shifted his position to his right to avoid the blinding rays of the sun but then she saw two figures walking hand in hand. The silhouette effect immediately turned into concrete images and now he can clearly see the persons walking pass trough him. The man is slightly taller than the woman, well built and with a striking aura of superiority. Jerry could hear giggles and mild laughter and he concluded that they are having a great time. The woman was still looking onto the face of the man then being aware of the presence of another person gently shifted his attention to where Jerry is situated. Concealed by her platinum hair, she gently whips it through her fingers to peep the person sitting alone just parallel to her. The soft light from her back seemed like a halo of mystifying beauty. She looks like a doe emerging from a dense forest. Jerry still couldn’t see her face clearly but her image is nonetheless immaculate. He noticed a sincere smile twitched on the woman’s lips. His heart skips a beat.

“Sir! Are you still with me? … Sir?” His confused secretary said.

“…Yeah” He uttered, trying to regain his composure and his breath.

“...umm, Martha just call me later OK”. For a moment Martha seemed a voice from a distant past and the world he knew never existed at all. He was definitely awestruck by the vision he just saw. And now the vision is fading like a dream. He followed his gaze until she gently disappeared with her companion on a near bent. But Jerry swear he saw the woman turned her head for a last look. Then she was gone.


The meeting was nearly finished but Jerry found himself drifting away back into that early morning, recalling and cherishing the swift encounter to what he only understands as a vision. He never felt anything like this before—a feeling of satisfaction and dissatisfaction all rolled into a swirl of consciousness. It’s like waking up from a thousand years of slumber—disoriented and loss.

“Mr. Garcia…what’s your comment about the last report filed yesterday?” “Ummm…PRESENT!” he said hastily. Just realizing what he just said, a faint blush of red etched his well carved face. His fellow advertisers can’t help themselves and the conference room exploded with their thundering laughs.


The meeting was an hour passed and yet his humiliation still doesn’t sink in. He confessed what was bothering him to his best bud Cris.

“I never imagined myself being vulnerable like this” He put his arm around his waist and his sullen eyes showed confusion. “You know what? I just want to get over with this stupidity. Jeez! chicks always come and go but never had a single idea this woman has and got me hooked on…and not to mention, I never knew her at all!” He knew he was babbling but there was a surged of freedom he felt, letting his emotion avalanched and melts right into his tongue.

“See, I’ve warned you before Jerry, don’t take women for granted as if they were just a piece of coin from your pocket, easy to snatched and as easy to flip. Maybe, you’ve just found your Karma”

“For cryin’ out loud!” Jerry interrupted. “She has a boyfriend or a husband and I’m not that type to be attracted to a complete stranger and…” his voice cracked into a deep sigh. “Now, I’m really clueless…and her face keeps haunting me all this time” “For consolation, maybe you will never see her again” Cris said with compassion. Jerry moved a little bit closer to the window and gaze beyond the horizon drawn by towering skyscrapers. He momentarily closed his eyes with an ache inside his chest. “I hope so!”


The following morning he went directly to the park hoping that he could see her again but he was disappointed. Jerry pondered that maybe, the woman was just a vision after all.


Two weeks had passed and Jerry somehow managed to erase her memory from his thoughts. He had a dinner meeting with a prospect client on one of the most prominent Hotel in the City. He was presenting his ideas with confident fluidity that the client seemed very interested and enthusiastic about his advertising creativity. As he was talking, his gaze caught something that freeze his eyes and slowed his breathing. He was still talking but not quite sure he knew what he’s talking about. His eyes were completely glued to the person sitting a few meters away from him. It was the woman—the vision.

As if she sensed that she was being watched, the woman gently lifts her head and met Jerry’s gaze. Time stopped, and a faint current passed between them.

“Mr. Garcia…you kinda lost me for a while?” the client asked

“Huh...I’m sorry, Mr. Brody” Jerry shifted his attention back to his client. Dammit! When I’m almost over with her, she breezes in like a stalker and stabbed me directly to my heart…it’s unfair…so unfair, he thought.

The meeting with the client was over and Jerry then scanned the people around him but he couldn’t find her. Not again, he thought. Just when he was preparing to leave, the usher handed him a folded napkin. “Given by a beautiful lady Sir.” Jerry gently opened it and could hardly catch his breath. It was her.

Let’s talk tomorrow at 6 am.

Follow your heart…there you’ll find me.


But where, he pondered. He closed his eyes and uttered in a soft confident voice, “the bench in the park”. Jerry couldn’t contain his emotion, he felt elated and relieved, finally, right tracks are keeping up with him. “Samantha” he said over and over. “What a beautiful name!”


Jerry didn’t sleep at all. He was afraid and nervous. What will he say? What if she’ll find him boring or a big time jerk? What if she will not come at all? What if...

The clock went wild; it’s five in the morning. An hour from now, I will meet her…I will no longer be an observer, a mere spectator but a listener…I will be close to her, too close that I could feel her breath…smell her fragrance, and if I’m lucky I could even hold her hand or even kiss her…But wait, what about her boyfriend or was it her husband? There was a blend of emotion scaling him up to satisfaction and swerving him down to depression as he pondered quietly in front of the mirror.

Then he breezed his way trough the door and went.


The sun gently peeped toward the peach colored horizon and the dews that once looked like a tear drop crystal during the night are now forming little ripples on the surface of the man made pond. Three minutes before six, Jerry was standing beside the wooden bench from which he first saw Samantha almost two weeks ago. He held his breath as he reminisced the unusual turn of events that made him wonder the true meaning of fate. Two weeks ago, he was basically a carefree man with no excess baggage to carry or leave behind, but when he met Samantha, his future seemed blurry and undecided. He felt as though they were being caught up with the tangled web of uncertainty. He longed for Samantha—and he wants to spend each waking morning with her by his side and just taste the simple pleasures of life.

As the fog settled in, a clear image soon appeared. He saw Samantha standing a couple of meters away from him with her hair let loose down her shoulder. A soft breeze mildly stroked her silvery hair covering a part of her face. She gently managed it by tucking a bundle behind her right ear. No smile was etched on her lips but her deep blue eyes showed all the answers he needed. She went an inch nearer to him.

“You’re just in time” Jerry said, still pretending to looked calm.

“…By the way I’m Je…” He was interrupted by a gentle finger lightly pressing his lips as if halting him to utter. Time stood still as their eyes met and held. Jerry wished it could last forever but then she broke the spell.

“I want to remember you as you are…not by your name.”

He felt a great lump stuck on his throat and he tried hard to swallow it, “Why?” It sounded more like a whisper.

“Remember the first time we saw each other” How could he not, that vision still quenched his parched soul.

“I thought my life was going right on its track, I have a great job, a successful career …and I have Ric—my fiancé”. Jerry held his breath and his heart went numb. What a blow! “But when I saw you” she added “It seemed that the world I knew was just a concept. You became my reality” Jerry was stunned, he now understands that what he was going through all this time—going half crazy was no mere coincidence after all. “I needed to see you now to say…goodbye” A single tear rolled down her left cheek. Jerry could not believe it, a second ago she’s so close he could easily reach her out but now he felt an epic distance separating her from him. “I’m going to Paris…to be Ric’s wife, were getting married tomorrow.” Time crashed and he could feel his heart slowed momentarily. He managed a weak smile, “I wish I’ve known you years before…It’s a little bit unfair that fate tricked us—letting us see for a while what life might be if it was you after all.” Samantha could not contain herself anymore and abruptly threw her arms around his broad shoulders and cried. “Maybe…all we have is this; a mere illusion; a stolen moment from the tapestry of time and space.” She paused, holding his hard jawed face and looking deeply beyond his pleading eyes. “But I’m still grateful…I might have spend my lifetime without knowing…you.” Tears then flow from Jerry. “Maybe, far beyond from now, not bounded by time and distance, we’ll meet again and find our way back…I love you Samantha.” He held her so tightly, cherishing their last moment and wishing that this will never end. Samantha lifted her face and gently kissed him.

“Whoever you are…I love you!” She walked away from him and then with a last gaze she vanished into the blanket of fog. Only then that Jerry realized that she was gone…forever.


The plane couldn’t be seen anymore across the vast purple sky. What a great time with you Samantha, so little…but its enough to last me for a lifetime, he thought. A chilling breeze then swept him as he walk away. With a last look at the night sky he uttered in a soft voice, “Will I ever see you again?” Somehow he heard Samantha reply deep inside him, “Yes... I promise!”

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