Monday, July 31, 2006

On being sick and living alone...and of Moms too!

I had the worst case of flu these past few days and up until now, the stinging claw of the ‘bug’ still has a toll in my body. The unending rain in this country makes a little harder to fully recover as well.

One thing I learned from this hellish experience though: It’s hard to get sick when you’re living ALONE!

Case in point:

  1. We have running water but it’s not potable so even though I’m so sick, I have to go to the nearest water refilling station to quench my parched tongue and replaced the fluids in my system.

  1. Buying and cooking food need an extra jolt of energy, which at that time I have low supply of.

  1. Sponge bath. That was an experience. I boiled water, poured it in a basin and added vinegar. I stripped naked in the bathroom and with the help of a soft cloth, I then rubbed my whole body till the water turned a little bit eeky…yek!

  1. I have to watch my medicine intake that in every six or eight hours , I should take this and that medicine.

  1. Though, I’m chilling so bad, I walk a mile or so to the hospital ( no particular route for any transpo on my location, ugh!) for an examination and the good doctor said:

How do you feel right now?I’m sick can’t you see!

Do you have High Blood, Diabetes…etc?Come on, are you kidding me?

Well, flu and cough are caused by viruses.Gee, Doc, thanks for the info DUH!

Although, I have housemates that could ease my burden a little, I really don’t like to be a bother to them as they have their own life to manage. With their little efforts, they did make a difference.

However, this only proves true—when you are having fun living alone, you really don’t like the eyes of an authority [parents in particular] to fall upon you. You surmised that you are an independent stud, an adult for that matter but when trying time comes, you cannot fathom the longing for a mother’s care.

When I called mom back home, I cannot help myself but to cry and wished she was with me or I was at home under her care. Mother’s in general are natural Florence Nightingale; they are made that way and wired up to cure the pains and sufferings of their children.

I guess all of us, even if we try to puff our chest out and proclaim that we are the king of the world, still, nothing can beat the hands that rock the cradle.

Moms are indeed priceless!

Friday, July 28, 2006


Jairam, tagged me into this 'meme' stuff . Anyway, I answered this ‘meme’ for an hour and this is what I have come to squeezed from my thoughts.

3 Things that scare me:

  • Untoward events that may befall to my Fam.
  • Death of my feline companion.
  • Not living the purpose from which I am here to accomplish

3 People who can make me laugh:

  • My Mom
  • A person who’s doing absolutely stupid like running towards a wall, things like that
  • A person who blabber before he thinks

3 Things I love:

  • Smile of a new born babe
  • Colors during dawn or dusk
  • Warm cup of coffee while reading a good book

3 Things I hate:

  • Animal abusers.
  • Rich people who don’t seem to care that there are lives apart from them.
  • When I have a cold or flu (like right now…darn)

3 Things I don't understand:

  • Racism. Nobody is a minority.
  • People who have everything and yet feeling dissatisfied with their lives
  • Theory of Relativity (I just don’t have a clue. Physics makes me SICK)

3 Things on my desk:

  • Mug of Coffee
  • Papers…lots of them
  • Bottled water

3 Things I'm doing right now:

  • Working (when I was rudely disrupted writing this meme)
  • Yeah! You guessed it Blogging
  • Listening to Jars of Clay and Leigh Nash(?)

3 Things I want to do before I die:

  • Visit Eiffel Tower or Grand Canyon
  • Have my paintings included in a gallery
  • Be a Certified Public Accountant (yeah..really!)

3 Things I can do:

  • I can paint. Any art media will do.
  • I can sing well. (In my thoughts that is…Nope, I’m lying)
  • I can travel without any maps and still wouldn’t be lost.

3 Ways to describe my personality:

  • I’m more of an introvert. I socialize but I am more at peace with my own thoughts. Ok ok ok…I may look like a looser but I don’t give a damn !
  • You may find me blabbing for an hour and quiet for the next hour.
  • I talk to myself…lots of time and my Mom was actually worried and had pondered that I should see a shrink.

3 Things people might not know about me:

  • I have committed many murderous acts in my mind to people I loathe hehe (well, better than doing it in real life.) Seriously, I can spite you while smiling.
  • Ok, I’m pouring my soul here—I had an hernia when I was only 6 months old but thank Heavens, I’m now healed…I think!
  • I can be vain sometimes. Now where’s my mirror!

3 Things I can't do:

  • Line Dance ( I hate that)
  • Lick my elbows
  • Appreciate Rap music

3 Things I think you should listen to:

  • That I can do all things through Christ which gives me strength.
  • That life is just but a fleeting moment. Enjoy every minute of it. Who knows, you might be taking your last breath tomorrow?
  • That the most important things are free-- always wrapped in simple packages.

3 Things I don't think you should listen to ever:

  • Pessimistic People. Stay away from them.
  • That money can satisfy your deepest craving.
  • That the world revolves around you.

3 Of my absolute favorite foods:

  • Beef stew with lots and lots of potatoes
  • Pancit
  • Pinakbet

3 Things I'd like to learn:

  • To play the guitar or violin
  • Making a movie
  • French (bonjour is all I know, darn!)

3 Beverages I drink regularly:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Coke

Yep! All containing caffeine

3 Shows I watched when I was a child:

  • Little Women
  • Princess Sarah
  • The Dog of Flanders

They were all in ABS-CBN…I missed these shows.

And finally I would like to tag:




I’d be checking on you guys.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

On State of the Nation

The President had her State of the Nation Address (SONA) yesterday and as usual the constant bickering and the carnival of political clowns [composed by the paid rallyist and their messiah’s] paraded with their tongue-swaging lamentations.

All have their own views about the inanities of the President’s speech and the media hyperventilated with delight as they feasted amongst the politicians who can’t wait to give their two cents.

I admit I’m a pro-administration and pro-GMA.

Why? Because, in as much as the President have her own shares of incapacities, I still recognize that she is working for the greater good.

The oppositions, on the other hand, always bicker and complain about our present situation but were not doing their own shares of plight—like working their ass off for the goodness of their constituents to start with. They don’t have any concrete plans should the President be impeached. All they have are mere words of promises—void of substance and truth.

This is the reason why they cannot get the mandate of the people to go outside and forcefully remove the President. We simply don’t trust them and we know for a fact that they have deep ulterior motives which is far more sinister than the present government. If choosing the lesser evil should be made—then I trust the present evil which I have come to know.

Oppositions are downright arrogant.

They don’t recognize the contribution of each and every Filipino in nation building. What feeds the major chunk of our economy are Dollar remittances of our Overseas Filipino Workers, whom, despite the longing to be with their family, continue to work abroad just to provide food in the table. As an individual, we contributed to the holistic economic change through paying our taxes. Small scale businesses, though we are in trying times, still persist and investors in spite of the political hurricanes manage to keep the investments afloat.

We must all recognize that building this nation needs our collective effort. The President is not the answer for our fiscal inadequacy; neither is she the answer for poverty or widespread corruption. She is not our Messiah!

All the problems we have now are self-inflicted…this is the State of our Nation!

…just thinking aloud.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Art of Letting Go II

One of the hardest part of any good relationship is having to say goodbye. May it be a temporary separation or a long term one, biding a farewell always leave a deep shove of longing.

I accompanied my sister at the airport yesterday and as of this writing she is now in Dubai to join my two elder brothers who worked there.

Kirrs, as I fondly call her is the only girl in the brood of five. She is our middle child, my big sister and my closest friend. I am four years behind her but that doesn’t hinder our good relationship as buddies.

Of course, growing up with her was a calamity. We always fight when we’re still young and had declared a weekly world war that made our mom scream with contempt.

But as we have entered maturity, we both realized our fondness for each other—that no matter what happened, family will always be there.

She took me under her wings and she became and still is the best mentor I had. It’s only now that I surmised that my attitude toward life in general was fashioned from her. She validates my thinking and pushed me to be the best person I can be. She is my source of quality advice and my threshold of reality. Truth is, she doesn’t sugar coat in letting me know that sometimes I can be a prick.

11 years ago, a tragedy happened to my family as the three of my siblings faced a motorcycle accident.

It was her who was badly injured and up to this day, she carried the scar of that formidable past. Her left leg is the testament that life can, at times, be unfair.

Yet, what astounds me most was her persistence that life must go on. She kept her faith in the Almighty and vowed that this is just but a challenge worthy of her time. She finished her bachelor’s degree with flying colors and passed the CPA Licensure Examination thereafter. She then found a lucrative post in one of the government agencies and made a name for herself. Her disability did not push her to give up; it made her stronger.

She is the embodiment of a person who had gone through deep waters and darkest nights and despite of it all—her spirit still persists. She had found the unwavering light that is in her and kept it aflame. How true, triumph ensue to those who persevere.

To you Kirrs! Saying Thank You cannot suffice the treasured moments we have shared.

Saying I Love You is not sufficient to describe my heartfelt joy in knowing that you are my sister and my friend. Words escaped me this time.

…but still, you know that this comes from the deepest part of me.

Make it good and weave your dreams into reality.

Hope to join you and Kuya soon!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Peek into Jef's Reality

These are some of the snapshots of my life—apart from blogging hehe! Have a great weekend everyone.

My division's farewell party to my boss (at my right)

At the ice skating rink where I embarrased myself to oblivion (don't ask!)


Booze meksh me a little bit shtupid *hik*


Yeah Baby yeah!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Crazy Thoughts

~ If our court or the justice system will implement an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth ruling. I wonder how a rapist will find himself being locked up in a dark dungeon with a hard core criminal who haven’t seen any woman (or man) for ages. I wonder what kind of horror this rapist will face when the tables are turned.

~ Would it be great if we have a “Reality” television like the Big Brother or Survivor in which we will choose a corrupt government official—via the tallying of our votes through our cellphones, to be thrown out at the shark-infested ocean. The lowest vote will be “outed” [aka free dinner to the sharks] and the winner will be pardoned. I believe this show will have a sweeping ratings and I’m pretty darn sure that people who plan to enter politics will think twice…or thrice!

~I would still like to see a product which doesn’t offer any WARRANTIES. Even a diaper nowadays offers one. Come to think of it, a warranty provides a security that in case their product will mess up, the warranty will serve as a buffer for any escalated arguments by their customers. What’s the matter sir? Oh! You mean to say that the diaper cannot absorb all the pee. Sorry for that, here you go, per company’s courtesy…here’s a new pack! Why offer any warranty if you think your product is good, right?

~The legal age directive in smoking or alcohol intake is plain bullshit. The branch of government which regulate it seemed to have a hollow mind in saying that these substances should only be used/taken by “adults” meaning individuals who reached the age of majority—18. Why? Does this mean that they will not be prone to diseases? Or a body which reaches 18 years of age can easily adapt and be immune to the after effects of such habits? Hmmm!

~I just don’t get the point of a two-toned rap music with the yeah’s and ows’ and break it down! Simply read the lyrics of these so called soulful songs and you get a pretty much idea on the verbal capacity of the singer. Wazzzup, yah yeah yeah….yeah right!

~Did you try covering your ears while watching a group of people grooving on the dance floor? Without the music and the beat, they look like an epileptic patient having a major seizure!

…just blabbing aloud!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

For my brotha!

Ok! While the girls have the suggested methods of shooing the guys off as provided on my previous post, I pondered that we guys have that capacity to say NO as well, right?

So, guys, it’s our turn.

  1. I’m Gay: This line is a time tested alibi. Look her in the eye and tell her that you’ve peeked inside your soul, swam the deepest ocean of your heart and scaled the highest depths of your emotion and have found out that you like… man. If necessary, sob a bit with the frequent whimper to add effect to your Oscar award winning lie. If she’s going to say “it’s fine, I accept you!” then the drastic measure of telling her that you will undergo sex operation must ensue. If she is still persistent—RUN!

  1. Be a Hominid: Going back to your ancestry won’t hurt you. Do not shave or even have your usual haircut till tiny critters will populate your body like a zoo. Let your natural odor be your own signature“AllSpice.” Brushing your teeth is a thing of the past and taking a bath is archaic. Let your body produce extra soil with the dead skin you shed. You might even discover your calling as a landscape artist-- that's shooting bird with a single stone.

  1. Be uber sensitive: If being gay cannot give you the boot then emphasize sensitivity. Cry when you see the sun settle during dusk or when you pick a wild flower. Describe in full details what you are feeling when you see the colors of the rainbow or how blue the sky is. Rent chick flick films. [ Sleepless in Seattle, You Got Mail-- any Meg Ryan movies will do] Be an overly enthusiastic animal lover as well. Elaborate your emotions through dance interpretations and pantomime. Your main tool here is tears--cry very often. The key here is to tap your female instinct—if you have one.

  1. Be a Mama’s Boy: Talk about your mother incessantly and blatantly compare her to your girl. Your first sentences must always be “My Mom always said or my Mom usually does…” and if that’s not going to bother her, try convincing your mom to go with you during dates.

  1. Try Amnesia: Forget everything! Forget the important dates—your anniversary, her birthday or the day when she first saw you or your first kiss or her favorite song or her favorite food—EVERYTHING! Heck, try to pretend you forgot her name as well.

  1. Be a Professor: Dissect each word she’s saying. Example: Your use of the intransitive verb is wrong or your use of the present participle –ing is a deliberate grammar slip. Or try to lecture her about quantum physics or the relativity of space and time. If she will not drool for boredom or pluck your eye for sheer disgust, then you still need improvement. Try Math! Caution: An IQ of Above Average is needed here, so any guy who thinks that Hawaii is a country must skip this number.

  1. Be a Bum: Quit your job and ask her to support you. Let your beer belly grow into beauty by sitting on her couch and watching TV the whole day. If she’s not going to kick your fat ass outa there then there something brewing in her mind. Whatever it is…RUN!

  1. Be Spiritual: Or pretend to be one. Say you are searching for a much deeper meaning in your life and have come to discover Priesthood as the answer to your overwhelming emptiness. Be ready to abstain bad habits and the dating scene for awhile. If this is hard then #1 above is much suited for you.

  1. Be Narcissist: Enroll into the nearest gym and let yourself ogle to your own physique. When you two are having dates, look for a place with lots of mirror and always check the chiseled muscles of your triceps or biceps. Ask her if she thinks you are the most beautiful man alive. Always butt in to your conversation how good looking you are and how lucky she is to have you. If her eyes won’t popped with contempt then try #1 above.

  1. Lets just be friends: Yes! The all time proverbial alibi. Only use this phrase when all your options run out. This is biohazard as it creates many mixed signals. Be prepared to answer her rebuttal: I am willing to wait should you change your mind or Am I not enough for you? Or Is there someone else or What have I done wrong, please tell me? Or…you get what I mean! Again, this is your last option. At least try first #1 above.

Okay! I hope I have shed light to this issue. These are only suggestions and must not be taken on face value. Be creative dudes. If being a sleazy scumbag [which most of us are] is not your innate personality, then ignore this post.

Till then!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

For the Gals: 10 things to do to ditch the guy away.

  1. Be Needy—the overwhelmingly dependent leech: Send him notes upon notes via text or email messages stating that you can’t live without him. Call him every 15 minutes telling him that you miss him already. When you’re together, do not lose grip with his touch. Hug him like you will never see him again. Make a T-shirt with his face printed all over—it’s a declaration of your undying love. If your boy will not run to get a visa bound to Timbuktu, then I suggest you do the same…run!

  1. Borrow a Baby: If the needy card wouldn’t nudge him to give you up. Borrow someone else’s baby. At your date, introduce your boyfriend to the baby. “Look here my angel, here is your new daddy!” Tell him that you are currently processing the papers for his legal adoption to your baby and you are already using his surname for the baby’s doctor’s appointment. Ask him for monthly support!

  1. The twin: Put a little lump of play dough just above your shoulder. Tell your boy that the lump is actually the head of your undeveloped twin sister.

  1. Be psycho: Get the names and numbers of his female coworkers and drop them a message that you are going to skin them alive should they try to talk to him. In addition, spray a chicken blood to his door and tell him that an evil spirit is trying to break you apart.

  1. Be an animal activist: When he orders food with meat, sob vigorously and ask him to pray with you the souls of the animals that were slaughtered. Tell him that you don’t eat food with shadows. Give him the pictures of your farm friends—recalling all their names and birthdates and ask him to name the 30 chicks, 17 piglets and 25 ducks you currently have back home.

  1. Be a Control Freak: Make a daily time records of his schedule---from the time he pee, brush, shave and up to the last detail of wiping his ass. Appoint a specific time when to call you [every 15 minutes] and prepare a 50 year plan of your marriage, covering the period when you will have your children to their own weddings to the baptisms of your grandchildren. List the names of the group of people you are going to be friends with—deleting the names of his time-tested friends.

  1. Be a Goth: Wear only black. Black gowns, black nails, dark make-ups…you name it! Be a tortured poet—making Shakespeare, Kant and Emerson as your life’s hero. Always talk about death and the insignificance of your life. Nothingness is your virtue. Every time he cracks a smile, cry nonstop and tell him that world is coming to an end so there is no need to be happy.

  1. Pretend to have ESP: When you two are together, admit to him that you can actually see dead people. Make up a story about a dead girl visiting you at night crying for justice. Tell him that a female spirit is following him everywhere and a headless guy is making his doorsteps his sanctuary. Pretend to have a seizure—and don’t forget to chew an alka-seltzer to add vomit like foam to your mouth.

  1. Be self-centered: Be an open book and tell him all about your thoughts and ideas even how hackneyed they are. Be the center of the universe as you unceasingly talk about how dirty and smelly your feet are or whatever yucky topic you can think of. Every time you talk, always start with “I” and constantly shush him when he attempt to butt in saying you’re not yet finish and when you give him permission to talk, segue the topic over and over focusing it to your related experience.

  1. Playing the STD card: Tell him to buy a fungal cream and when he ask, tell him that you are currently under medication for a sexually transmitted disease that is yet to be named. Pretend to recount how many sexual partners you had and show him pictures of horribly-looking men with whom you had relationships with. Don’t forget to ask him to accompany you to have your latest blood transfusion for your disease.

Well ladies, if the above mentioned remedies will not make your man run wild, then perhaps customize to the method that suits you best. Let the creative juices flow!

Friday, July 14, 2006

10 If's

  1. If I will be the President of this country, the first thing I will do is to sip a good cup of coffee [harharhar] Naah! Given the power and influence, I will first identify the reason of poverty and lay out a concrete plan to minimize its effect within my term. I will also spearhead the development of micro business to facilitate more jobs…and yeah! Totally abolish cigarette manufacturing and importing. VOTE FOR ME in 2030 Yey!

  1. If I can turn back time and visit a prominent person, I would love to have a good conversation with Dr.Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor who coined this timeless wisdom, “The last of human liberties is to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstances.” Absolutely endearing aint it!

  1. If I am a famous Hollywood actor, I would like to be Brad Pitt. Dang! No need to elaborate on that one hehehe! Angelina here I come baby!

  1. If I am a book, I would like to be the book that comforts when I’m badly needed and a source of joy when the blues come knockin’ at the door…like the book KAMASUTRA heheh…kiddin of course, any book of John Maxwell will do.

  1. If I can spend a day to a city of my choice, Paris tops my list. There is something with that darn Eiffel tower that drags me to look at it and be amazed. Maybe it has something to do with its structure of beams and lights--living my kiddy fantasy of climbing that tall monkey bar in our park.

  1. If I could spend my whole life watching the sunset, I will do it in a heartbeat. Sunset reminds me that the day’s problems are only fleeting --that no tomorrow cannot solve. How lovely to absorb the beauty of hues and colors being blended by the hands of God.

  1. If I am a superhero, I would like to be Professor X—minus being lame of course. He has the humble demeanor of a true X-Man but alongside with it carries the kickass power of his thoughts. When I was a kid, I tried in vain concentrating with the power of my mind that I can move an object…but my concentration only led me to abdominal cramps with the occasional farting.

  1. If I am a woman’s lingerie, I would be brassiere, yep a bra! Why, any question? I am a man for crying out loud! Do I need to say more?

  1. If I am a dog, I would like to be a golden retriever. A bulldog is plain butt ugly, a pit-bull looks like a male genitalia, a poodle is for sissy and a Saint Bernard is simply dumb looking. Why a goldy? Well, that dog is calm looking and has a smiley eyes. For a companion, a retriever is not too small and yet not too big-just the right size.

  1. If I could turn the hands of time and be a kid again, boy! Would I? Playing an adult is not that thrilling anymore. Sometimes, it is just so stressing and I’m sick of trying too hard to project that I can handle problems single-handedly. I would love to cry “Mommy!” again knowing that mom will be there to bail me out. I wish I still have that innocent mind of weaving my own simple dreams [even if it will not happen], that naive understanding that life will turn out for the best[even if it’s not] and that inexperienced heart in accepting that people are basically good [even if it’s contradictory]

Well, these are my “what ifs”. What’s yours?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

WoW Philippines

Despite the fact that I’m quite serious with my life [as you may well notice with my posts], I do have the occasional crazy thoughts that accompany me by.

I was just thinking just now on how to uplift the tourism industry in this country. Well, to you readers out there, Philippines is a very beautiful country [and I cannot emphasize that more] but we do have the occasional bad rep outside our shores.

You name it, we have it [I hope my fellow Filipino will not hate me for this]:

  • Terrorism- yet thank Heavens this is still under control

  • Corruption- do not start with me with this issue and I will just gag with contempt

  • Natural disaster- Mother Nature simply hates us

  • Prostitution and drugshmmm all countries have that problem

  • Pollution- we breath smog in the city

  • Poverty- ‘nuff said

Well, as a frustrated advertiser, I was pondering recently that instead of trying so hard to quick fix these problems stated above, why not add a little bit of humor to our advertising strategy in enticing our tourist. So here it goes:

Welcome to the Philippines

World of Wonders

If you are a thrill seeker looking for an exotic all-time adventure, try Philippines.

  • Fool around with the terrorist as you climb towering mountains to protect dear life. It's a cat and mouse chase that will leave your breathless.

  • Discover how long the red tape really is and you will be amazed playing our number one game called BUREAUCRACY.

  • Landslides, Typhoons, Floods, Volcanic Eruptions, Malarial Diseases and many more. It’s a disaster theme park all rolled into one.

A total Adrenaline Rush!

Get off the couch and experience life to its fullest.

It’s a roller coaster ride of FUN and FEAR

What are you waiting for; contact your nearest travel agency NOW!

So what do you think? Angry comments are welcome * gulp!*

Monday, July 10, 2006

On Holocaust

Many have denied this atrocity ever existed but one thing remains true, six million Jews were killed on this dark era.

I have a special interest browsing online the faded photos of the concentration camps on Auschwitz; photographs that immortalized the forlorn faces of children, women and man. The silent witness that vividly captured their deep suffering which can only be described as sheer agony.

That era will always be remembered as one of the lowest points in our history, where human dignity was forgotten and where killing was just but a random musing.

I cannot help but to imagine myself being placed on that time, when all my rights as a human being were forcefully stripped away from me...when I was just but a number. My individuality and my life were of no value and my fate was being held by the whims of the selected few.

This I cannot understand: Why do men have the tendency to inflict pain and suffering? Why do we have that instinctive characteristic—that burning, sadistic desire to wreak havoc to someone else?

On hindsight, Holocaust is being played over and over again. Just look over the news from the Middle East to Africa to Asia. Myriad are being displaced and killed brought about by the clashes of power and beliefs.

And now, the nuclear threat of North Korea made me wonder if we are repeating a yet another history of violence. I’m afraid that an open page is already prepared to be filled again by chronicles of bloodshed caused by another World War.

I can only hope that we remember and not forget what our nations went through.

To be always grateful to live out our inalienable rights.

…to carry out our freedom of expression

… to observe our own beliefs and religion

… to live a life from fear and objection

Lest, time will nudge us to look back what we have lost.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

On Relationship

One of my closest female pal just broke up with her boyfriend recently and she was deeply devastated in seeing the three years they spent together flushed down the drain.

I’m no expert on relationship but based on my observation, the following are the main causes of break up:

*Third Party: Let’s face it; guys are very visual and sensual. We are easily distracted by beautiful and flirty women. Primordial pulses always make its way to the thingee between our legs and before you know it…you know what I mean.

    Though, morally speaking, sex is very sacred, a normal guy pretty knows that sometimes, it’s just a release of carnal feelings. Guys can totally separate love and lust, unlike women [I presume].

    A given opportunity, even within the bounds of valid relationship, can transform a decent man into Patrolman Jerk. This natural characteristic, however, is not a means to an end and finding a guy who can control such urges, should an opportunity arise, is pretty hard to find these days and ladies, should you find one…keep him for good!

    *Emotional Dependence: It’s a fact; women are far more emotional than men [but if he is a cry baby… hmmm, you need to evaluate his actions, you might discover you’re on the same wavelength and his hair needs a highlight as well]

      Anyhow, being too emotionally attached to your partner is a definite no no! Do not make your partner as your sole reservoir of happiness, your exclusive well of personal fulfillment and your solitary pillar of strength.

      I’m not saying that these feelings of attachment are wrong, however, we must always consider that like us, they are human as well, who, at one time or another, crumbles and fall between personal battles.

      To the ladies, most men are not the knight in the shining armor. You need to discover your own strength. By finding your own self first, you need not look for affirmation or validation that you are worthy…because YOU ARE.

      *Unfounded Love
      : The first stages of courting are the most sensual part. We can literally see rainbows and butterflies and the fourth of July being played over and over again, and to tell you honestly, I look forward to this particular stage. It’s fun and the adrenaline rush is at an all time high.

        But when the feelings are dwindling down *poof* we hop to another relationship trying to figure out how to replay that familiar sensation over…and over again. Well, for crying out loud, it’s only in Hollywood that the courting stage never stops. In the real world, relationships evolved and true love keeps abreast to changes.

        I have heard before [and I believe it is true] that in finding good relationship, do not go for the looks because physical attributes fade as time passes by. When physicality sheds off, what is left is the true self…and if he or she is numbnuts or a tool to begin with, then you are wasting your time to someone who is not worthy of your affection.

        In retrospect, this is my cardinal virtue:

        Do not enter into a serious romantic relationship if you are still searching for your own self. Your partner cannot make you whole and neither can you. Being emotionally balance will help you to overcome the roller coaster ride. Finding happiness or fulfillment based solely on what your partner can give will only leave you empty handed and heartbroken.

        Friday, July 07, 2006

        Repost: Of Dusty Memories and Recollections

        This is a repost . This article made its way to our company newsletter. Truth is, this contains my sentiment this week. I’m loosing grip to those people whom I consider friends.


        I observed that as I wind myself to maturity the more I feel all alone. Of course I got friends around but it’s not the same anymore. Life now becomes so serious…we are all geared in maintaining and reaching our career goal.

        I remember a couple of years ago when my peers and I will just hangout with one of our friend’s house doing absolutely nothing but were contented with just being together.

        I remember the time we tread along the grassy clearing in the nearby farm just to watch the sun set or having our vocal chords strained with the midnight karaoke. We indeed shared so many memories together and it seemed endless at that time.

        But what I missed most was the carefree freedom of weaving our dreams together and of trying to figure out what lies ahead. With our youthful idealism, we thought of conquering the world without leaving our footprints behind.

        People and events do change and as much as we don’t want to loose contact with each other, well, it is bound to happen.

        With all the new technology right now like the cellphone or the internet, it’s funny to note that we rarely drop by and say Hi anymore. Maybe because we don’t know where to pick up the friendship we left…or was there something left to pick up anyway.

        Or maybe because we are too busy focusing on ourselves and fail to recognize that we are traveling alone…and loving it.

        I admit that I for one am guilty as charged as I let myself drift from them. I found new acquaintances along my personal trek. A handful of whom I am very thankful because they are really good people…but many were just passing glances, foggy memories and faceless characters.

        Now, I tend to withdraw from new acquaintances; I just cannot afford to create new friendship anymore which I know cannot survive from the intricacies of the daily grind. Thus, I become aloof and cold.

        If only I could look back when time stood still and stars are as bright as I remembered them. When dreams can be seen at the horizon and where laughter and cheers filled the dusk with great colors.

        But now all I hear is a resounding echo from a distant past bouncing within the walls of my memory. The cheers died down and the songs faded.

        I know I moved on…

        Random Thoughts

        The loneliest place in the world for me is when I am being surrounded by a faceless crowd.
        • Even how hard I hold on to my closest friends, time will tell that I will loose my grip to them. Sad but true!
        • I have the tendency to fall in love as fast as a jet propulsion and to fall out off love… in the same manner. (Maybe it’s not love at all hehehe)
        • I am an optimist by heart. I know that good things are yet to come and trying times are only temporary.
        • When I watch the local news, I cannot help but to voice out my thoughts, cursing and whining about the idiosyncrasies of the present system.
        • Spiderman is much more real to me than Superman.
        • Though I love a good conversation, sometimes, all I need is someone that could sit beside me without talking.
        • When I was a teenager, I thought I hold on to all the answers I need—how wrong am I. Now that I am an adult, I crave for that confidence of knowing an answer.
        • Rock and Roll is a pile of crap…and yeah, a two-tone rap music is a sign of dementia.
        • I discovered that even how insanely stupid you are, you can be a candy magnet if you wear trendy clothes. Gucci, here I come!
        • Most of the good looking people I met have the vocabulary of a nine year old.
        • A world war will be a great equalizer. I would love to see how rich people will hunt for their own food hehe!
        • I tried not to smile showing my teeth. I always thought that only chimpanzees do that.
        • Blogger rules…Myspace sucks

        Tuesday, July 04, 2006

        On Sex

        Population explosion in this country is becoming one of the fundamental issues. With the Church banning the use of contraceptives, time will tell where this problem will lead .

        Correct me if I’m wrong but I have heard that people sometimes copulate because of the sheer act of pleasuring each other…was it true? Hmmmm...Then if that is the case, many people are having sex simply for the fun of it rather than exemplifying the act of procreation. BINGO!

        As much as we don’t want to admit it, abstinence cannot be practiced by the whole damn population because many [youths for that matter] with raging hormones simply don’t want to put up with it and wherever available holes that their wangers can be inserted on…shoot, there it goes.

        Time has changed, as you may well notice, and being stranded on the era where Maria is still a virgin and Pedro is still a gentleman will not do us any good [I’m not generalizing of course and I will tell you in a minute.]

        Fact is, which I can vouch, sex nowadays is a dime a dozen. Many of my buddies were ostracized in their college years because they were still a virgin. Peer pressure, teen rebellion, you name it, youth experiments and will shove their curiosities till they have it. Disappointing as it may seem but that’s the real world where we are now and being on denial with this issue will leave us a bad taste afterwards.

        The government together with the parents must make it a priority to educate the kids on their formative years about sex. Tell them as it is without the sugary coating of butterflies and bees. Tell them the truth about STD’s and AIDS with pictures of gonorrhea or syphilis etc. By opening their eyes with the real issues, I am confident that they will become responsible adults. As with the part of the Church, well, it’s more of teaching its flock about the Bible based truth about purity and the greater satisfaction in knowing that true love can wait. Preachy aint I?

        As stated above, I’m not viewing the public as a drone. Many are still practicing abstinence.

        I’m one of them.

        Truth is I am proud of being a virgin. It’s more of my inner principle and my faith that keeps me from doing the deed. I don’t want to sound self-righteous but not everyone has the tenacity to keep themselves away from temptations. It takes a lot of courage and determination to go against the flow of mainstream ideology…and I don’t give a damn to be with the flow anyway.

        I believe that sex is a God-given gift to be enjoyed but must be done only within the perimeters of marriage. Should life be developed during that union, it must be cherished, intensified and nurtured.

        Life is so fragile that the misuse of it by the giver will create an irreparable repercussion to its bearer.

        To sum it up…not all fucktards [forgive the word] can be a parent. Not because you have an instrument to be used, you have the justification to use it as you please. Be responsible. For your own goodness, for your child’s goodness and for the goodness of everyone.

        Critics are welcome to comment.

        Sunday, July 02, 2006

        On Politics

        Political rallies, impeachment proceedings, blah blah blah!

        Why can’t the elected government officials just do their friggin jobs and focus on the take off of our economy? I am not a political analyst [nor dream of becoming one] but what I have observed these days [or years for that matter] is the never ending bickering of those holier-than-thou, pure-as-snow, blemish-free government servants [and to think civil servant is an overstatement.]

        Come on people, instead of jabbing your face in front of the TV for a mini scoop by shooting out vitriol to the current administration, why not start to fold the hem of your long sleeves and take a closer look at your own respective work—the supposed vocation you swear to do, remember?

        I’m not saying otherwise to be blind, should any news of corruption erupt, but, can’t we do that in a more civilized manner like letting the judiciary branch of our government to deal with it instead of gathering our poor to protest in the street? Not only that it causes much discomfort to us [taxpayers who pay for you] but it does not in any way provide a long term solution.

        Make a road map to the development of your constituents by mobilizing the workforce of each jobless Filipinos.

        Just laying plans to minimize the effect of poverty will occupy your time, mind you. So instead of plotting a mindless charade to the government, why not start to actually “serve” the people.

        Be proactive by being a part of the holistic process of economic change rather than making yourself a heavy baggage to be carried.

        It’s a shame that we still consider our country as a Christian nation when the morals and ethics of our institutions are at an all time low.

        …just thinking aloud!

        Saturday, July 01, 2006

        Personality Test

        It took me half an hour to complete this inkblot test . It's fun though and I'm glad to know that even in my subconcious, I still yearn to have my balance--to know where I'm heading; to remember the place I came from; to believe that the best is yet to come.

        Here is the result:

        Jef, your subconscious mind is driven most by Peace

        You are driven by a higher purpose than most people. You have a deeply-rooted desire to facilitate peacefulness in the world. Whether through subtle interactions with love ones, or through getting involved in social causes, it is important to you to influence the world.

        You are driven by a desire to encourage others to think about the positive side of things instead of focusing on the negative. The reason your unconscious is consumed by this might stem from an innate fear of war and turmoil. Thus, to avoid that uncomfortable place for you, your unconscious seeks out the peace in your environment.

        Usually, the thing that underlies this unconscious drive is a deep respect for humankind. You care about the future of the world, even beyond your own involvement in it. As a result, your personal integrity acts as a surrogate for your deeper drive toward peace and guides you in daily life towards decisions that are respectful toward yourself and others.

        Though your unconscious mind is driven most strongly by Peace, there is much more to who you are at your core.

        yeah! kinda egotistical hehe! but it was worth a shot.

        on excellence

        “Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible.”

        …nuff said

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