Saturday, March 10, 2007

Brain Crumbs

So…it’s been a while huh!

I tried, I really do…but my banal attempt to pour out thoughts into words became a task rather than a fluid pouring of emotional release. Whoooh! That’s a mouthful but you certainly know what I mean.

The fact is I encountered glitches…hmmm…problems with work …and life in general that I dare not post for legal reasons hehe!

This past weeks has been a battle of the will and gut.

I guess for us “mere” employees, it is pretty impossible not to have been subjected by the scrutiny of a boss.

Let me put this in plain, simple English, eh… I DON’T LIKE MY BOSS!

There I said it.

I told you before how hard I’m still coping with the peculiarities of my job…well, not just me but the whole team who happens to be all newbies! Admittedly, we committed irreversible errors which has been escalated globally (meaning, our top division head abroad knew it) and from thereon, our team lead eventually changes into this proverbial “bitch” who nit pick every minor issues we committed. What has become of a very normal work turned into a burden for fear that our moment has come to be frazzled and frayed by the snow queen.

There’s learning to this though, we became more vigilant and very, very detailed on our work but the enthusiasm, I believe, just withered…

I really don’t like to sound like a saint here and I do admit that I’m still groping in the dark but my boss just doesn’t know how to motivate her people. Instead of pushing us to our potential, she talks about quitting. Instead of giving us hope to hold on, she talks about how incompetent and disappointing we were. With an arch eyebrow and a high pitched tone, the queen reigns.

It’s true, although money matters and the prestige of the job is nonetheless something to be proud of, sometimes, a satisfying job comes from the good relationship you have with your colleagues.

The only consolation I can think of right now was the training I had and still undergoing. Nobody could take that away from me, not even HER!

I’m considering of moving on, try another...but quitting is not an option…not now.

In hindsight, there will always be learning behind every trial and who knows…she and I might get along and be friends someday.

But now…I dreaded Monday!
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